Use NoteTabs internal ^!FileScramble feature to encode/decode files. Do 1 file, many files, or, an entire folder and its subfolders.

The Help file says;
The encryption algorithm is based on RC4 (“RC4” is a trademark of RSA security corporation). You should not rely on this feature to protect very sensitive data.

I don’t know exactly what ‘very sensitive data’ is but, I would venture to say a very high percentage of us don’t have any on our computers. What most of us may have is more in the realm of ‘None Of Your Business’.

This Clip and the ^!FileScramble command should more than suffice for our majority.

Start the Clip
Select Folder of choice
Select to show subfolders, or not, NO is default
Select to display files in the Wizard as selected, or not, NO is default
to do entire folder or folder\subfolders, select YES
Select whether to SCRAMBLER or UNSCRAMBLE
if you don’t choose clip restarts until cancelled
Accept, change, or delete the password entry. Be sure to record if changed.


Select between Markers, Add to ClipBook.

;_ Modified-Updated~Created_20060202
;_ hrs ø hsavage·pobox·com_12:33:14p
^!SetListDelimiter |
^!Set %file_path%="^?{(T=D)CHOOSE FOLDER CONTAINING SUBJECT FILES=C:\}"; %sub%=^?{SHOW SUBFOLDERS==YES^=+|_NO^=^%empty%}; %sel%=^?{SHOW FILES AS SELECTED==YES^=_|_NO^=^%empty%}; %job%=^?{SCRAMBLE OR UNSCRAMBLE==SCRAMBLE|UNSCRAMBLE}; %key%="^?{INSERT ENCRYPTION KEY PASSWORD, < 256 characters=Enter_Key_Here}" ; - extensions to scramble ^!If '^%job%' = 'SCRAMBLE' NEXT ELSE SKIP_2 ^!Set %hit%=*; %miss%=npw ^!Set %sort%=type ; - extension to unscramble ^!If '^%job%' = 'UNSCRAMBLE' NEXT ELSE SKIP_2 ^!Set %hit%=npw; %miss%=* ^!Set %sort%=type ; - job not selected - restart ^!If '^%job%' = '' NEXT ELSE SKIP_2 ^!Sound ^$GetAppPath$sounds\chataction.wav ^!Goto START ^!Set %next%=^$GetFileFirst("^%sub%^%file_path%";*.^%hit%;^%sort%)$ ^!If '^%next%'='^%empty%' END ; :COMPILE ^!IfSame "^$GetExt(^%next%)$" ".^%miss%" SKIP_1 ^!Append %files%=^%next%| ^!Set %next%=^$GetFileNext$ ^!If '^%next%' > '^%empty%' COMPILE
^!Set %files%=^$StrReplace("^%file_path%";"^%sel%";"^%files%";0;0)$
^!Set %files%=^$StrDeleteRight("^%files%";1)$
^!SetArray %files%=^?{(H=26;T=A)TEXT FILES TO LOAD!==^%files%}
^!Set %loop%=0; %count%=^%files0%
^!Inc %loop%
^!FileScramble "^%file_path%^%files^%loop%%" "" ^%key%
; - change ^!RecycleFile to ^!DeleteFile for non-recoverable deletion
^!RecycleFile "^%file_path%^%files^%loop%%"
^!If ^%loop% < ^%count% LOOP <>------------Marker------------<>

Number of Valid Clip-lines=40

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