Tools: email address encoder.

ASCII Encoder Script
with human readable comment for clarity

This tool will convert your email address, to Unicode encoding to help hide this information from people that you do not want to see this information, (like spam searching programs (spambots)). Mailto links will function normally, but looking at the source of your page shows that the email address is apparently gibberish.

To use this script, just copy your email address to the top box and click "Hide Address".
In the bottom box will appear a long string of text. That text is your email address in its encoded form. Just copy and paste the resulting html where you would normally put your email address code in your HTML document. That's it!!!!

NOTE: You can use a similiar script to encode any information on your page, it is not limited only to email address's like this one, that is just the handiest use and the one this script specifically addresses.

NOTE2: Encoding email addresses or using Javascript to hide them, work at present to hide your address.
However, there is no guarantee that future spiders will not be able to get the address regardless.
Having said that, some protection is better then none at all, and thus far, to the best of my knowledge there are no real spider bots running around that can decode this presently. Here is a great article suggesting that this method works.

NOTE: This program does NOT log any data at all, so any email entered in here, is not stored or registered anywhere.
At we loath spammers and even if we did log your data (which we don't) we would never give it to anyone for any reason. (also see the privacy statement at the bottom of every page of the main site.)

Type the text you want to encode in the next box (for example your email address and then click on the "Hide Address" button

Copy the code below into your HTML where you want your address (or whatever) to appear.