Password protection generation tool.

Important note:
.htaccess files only work on webservers using the Apache server software. Since Apache accounts for over 70% of the Internet, this tool should be useful to allot of people.

Privacy policy:
HTMLfixIT in general and this tool in particular, collect NO user identifiable information at all. This tool creates the htaccess and htpasswd files with temporary session names in order to allow you to download them, but the files are not referenced to any user or site, and are deleted automatically an hour after their creation.

We are paranoid about our own privacy, and as such we respect that same need in others.

Collecting the required information.


Repeat password:

Description of the area to be protected:
(For example: protected members area.)

Full server path to the location you will put the passwd file.
(Must NOT be a web address.) Leave it blank to change it later.
(For example: /home/httpd/myusername/)


Copyright © 2004 Frank Hauptle,
All rights reserved.