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By Mike "yomcat" Welsh on 24:08:2003

PageSpinner :: Cool Features

PageSpinner has many cool features, a few of which I'm going to tell you about.

1. Anti-Spam Email addresses.
This is a nice tool that converts your email address into a lot of trash so that spam bots can't read it. It is found in Edit --> Text Tools. To use it, select some text. Then go to Anti-spam email address, wait for a bit, and you get all this trash, that both the browser and the email client can read, yet spam bots that look at your source code are unable to read.
For example, we'll use the address To start with, we put it into an email link:
<a href=""></a>
We then select the email part, or Go to Anti-spam email address in the Text Tools menu, and this is the result:
<a href="&#109;&#97;&#105;&#108;
A nice and easy anti-spam email address. I use this all the time, and it appears to be extremly effective.

2. Remove Double Spaces
If you've ever had to edit a page that was filled with two or more spaces between words, this will be a blessing to you. It reduces all the spaces in your code to one. So if you have 300 spaces, it makes it 1. Works just as well if you have 2 spaces also. The only downside I have found is that it does the entire document at once, not just the selection. It is also found in Edit --> Text Tools.
For example, we have the following source code that we want to tidy up:
Welcome      to   my humble  page<br>
Thank   you  for  dropping  in!

We apply Remove Double Spaces and end up with this:

Welcome to my humble page<br>
Thank you for dropping in!

Thats much nicer, and its also easier than screwing up your eyes going through a huge pile of code trying to remove double spaces.

3. Colour Coding
Like all the rest, PageSpinner has colour coding of syntax from most languages. It currently supports HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP colour coding.
the colours it uses are easily customisable, and you change them in:
file --> Preferences --> Script Coloring... I suggest that you change script coloring to "When Typing", as it really, really helps not pressing cmd-r all the time.
In HTML mode, the colour coding also changes all sorts of other stuff. Bold text is made bold. Italics is made Italics. Links and made blue and underlined. Heading and big and bold. Titles are green and bold.

All of this makes PageSpinner look better and makes your code heaps easier to manage.
Thats just a small sample of what PageSpinner can do. If you want to try out PageSpinner, you first need to buy a Mac. You should then download it and enjoy.
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