Web Safe Color chooser and RGB/HEX converter.

I'm always needing to do RGB to HEX color conversions, when getting colors out of graphics programs for my web pages, and I always end up looking on the web for a converter.
To that end, I found this converter and decided to make it available to all of you.

As an added benefit this one displays all the "web safe" colors and gives you the RGB and HEX codes for both.
We did not write this script, it was created by Andrew Houser, for which I'm particularly grateful.

I made some minor changes to make it more XHTML compliant, but it still has some limitations.
For one thing it doesn't fully work in mozilla yet, we have gotten everything working thus far except for dragging the sliders, and we are working on that. :-),
It's also alittle smaller then I'd like, and as a result you sometimes end up highlighting the whole thing when trying to move the sliders.
Other then that the script is great and very useful.

Standard 216 Color Palette
Houser's RGB2HEX DHTML App
Red Green Blue