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via email,

Subject: Thanks for the great script

Thank you for the great script. I just got it working and it only took 1 1/2 cups of coffee......
I appreciate your effort and time you put into this and the great documentation.
Thanks again.

K9 Barry

via email,

I would just like to say that I played around with other counter some Remotely Hosted others were free scripts but after using your Free version and seeing that my server would run it i got the advanced and its brill Theres nothing like having all the info you can and its yours to control its a bargin at $10 Fanx mate
I have your Advanced Stats and your downloader script aswell as others running on my site.


via htmlfixit forum. [forum thread]
(Regarding some problems he had installing the advanced counter.)

Thank you very much Franki, probably the best script support I have ever received in all my years of installing Perl :>)
I will be recommending your services to many !

David Ion

via email,
Hi Frank -

Just loaded up your stat counter. Very nice and your documentation was
excellent! (I laughed when you listed patience and coffee as a requirement.
You were right because I rushed through the process and didn't do everything
I needed the first AND second time around!)


From the htmlfixit forum.
Great counter!

9th 07 2003

From the Mandrake newbie mailing list.

Awesome counter Frankie! I luv it. The installation instructions are very
concise so it was a breeze to install... and I'm a newbie at the web server
stuff. THANKS!


From the htmlfixit forum.
Really like the script, its easy to use! Great

ezGroup 16/08/2003

Via email. 17th November 2003
I want to say that this script is great work of you. thx


CIGHTML mailing list.

I've been playing around with the demo version of
the advanced stats counter and I think it is
absolutely fantastic! You're still giving it away at
USD$10.00 in my opinion. I think everyone on this list
should take a good look at the demo page
and consider one for your site!



via email

It's a great script
I want to thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it.


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