Amy Acuff – Biography

August 27, 2004 on 10:40 am | In Random Feature Sites | No Comments

Amy Acuff – Biography provides interesting insight into acupuncture. I came across this site while investigating womens sports injuries. I had never heard of her, but she obviously combines beauty, athleticism and intellegence.

I don’t know much about acupuncture or other such methods, but I can say I have experienced the great healing from aggressive physical therapy that I found to be so impressive it sounds untrue when you tell the story.

File Sharing Liability?

August 27, 2004 on 12:35 am | In General | No Comments

ISP and related industry seeks to water down proposed legislation that may hold them responsible for file sharing. The problem with the original proposal it seems is that it may hold everyone responsible because the costs incurred in defending litigation will surely be passed to all consumers. The real culprits — those sharing illegally — should be the ones held responsible.

Paint Shop Pro for Idiots … and Intellects

August 24, 2004 on 4:08 am | In General | No Comments

Jasc Software has released a new pair of products. Their popular Paint Shop Pro, a competitor of Photoshop, has become similar in one more way, two versions. One called Studio, is more intuitive and light, much like Photoshop Elements is meant to be I think. The other, Paint Shop Pro 9 (Nine) is meant for the more serious digital worker.

In a recent article in Consumer Reports magazine, PSP didn’t fare too well because the magazine placed emphasis on ease of use. For those wanting that ease of use … there you go. I think I would prefer the features, although I have to admit I have not found PSP 8 (Eight) nearly as easy to use as versions 6 and 7 that I initially “fell in love with.”

TiVo to Go – allows you to take your show on the road

August 6, 2004 on 2:39 am | In General, News | No Comments

Tivo to Go won approval today by the FCC. It will allow you to send a recorded TiVo show to your laptop and take it with you.

The NFL is concerned it will be used to bypass blackout restrictions on games. Of course, anyone who really wanted to do that could probably figure out a way to rebroadcast the signal anyway. It ain’t all that tough these days.

I have a DVD RAM machine that I like a lot. It allows me to record and watch the same thing at the same time, and unlike TiVo, it doesn’t require a monthly subscription. What it lacks however, is the ability to record automatically like TiVo. But it does have portability. I can take the disk elsewhere and play it in another machine.

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