GoDaddy Pushes Envelope with Nikki Cappelli Advertisement

February 8, 2005 on 1:49 am | In News | 1 Comment – a great little domain name registrar, despite it’s many levels of come-on deals you have to bypass to get your $8.95 name – decided to push the now conservative envelope on Super Bowl Advertisements. It featured an actress in a spaghetti strap top in front a pretend congressional committee (see the ad here). The actress, currently unnamed is identified in the commercial as one Nicki Cappelli — but I doubt that is her real name. In fact, the chairman of the committee is identified as Bob Parsons (and that happens to be the name of the president of even though it is really a professional actor with an extensive resume, Booth Coleman. Miss Nikki didn’t need an extensive resume! She had other ass (no pun intended) ets working for her. Be sure to check out the full length ad on GoDaddy’s site as well as the rejected version and the actually aired version.

US Exempts Internet Connections from Tax

December 6, 2004 on 9:40 pm | In General, News | No Comments

There is great pressure from local governments to tax internet connection services. Several states already tax broadband and/or DSL connection services. A prior ban on such taxes lapsed at the end of November, but President Bush last Friday signed a bill to extent that exemption from local taxation. They allowed states already charging a broadband tax to continue that for two more years however.

Marqui Buys Blog Posts

November 24, 2004 on 8:06 pm | In General, News | No Comments

This article from points out an attempt by an advertiser to get regular references to their product/site from regular high traffic bloggers. Unless it is a clearly disclosed situation, I would be offended to find a post I am reading turns out to be a paid ad. The company says that the blogger can post a disclaimer if they like. Absent that, it has the elements of whoring your site. If you want sex for money at least yo u can say so! I hope the recipients do. They claim they will disclose who they are paying to post on the site FAQ.

The other interesting thing is that the advertiser says you don’t even have to say Continue reading Marqui Buys Blog Posts…

Google buys Keyhole Interactive World Maps

November 16, 2004 on 7:31 am | In General, News | No Comments

For just $30 a year for a consumer, or $600 a year for commercial users, you can use Keyhole, an interactive mapping solution that gives you zoomable high definition images of the earth. I can see where a realtor for example, may benefit from being able to show a site to a prospective buyer. I can see an attorney using it to research the scene of an incident, etc. I think it may be a bit pricey for most, but it does have a free seven day trial. Many cities are in very high resolution, such as Boston in this example.

More Efforts to Shut Down File Sharing

November 13, 2004 on 1:00 pm | In General, News | No Comments

The recording industry, encouraged by favorable treatment from the most liberal federal bench in the US Appeals system, has filed a petition with the US Supreme Court, seeking to hold file sharing software companies responsible for the sharing done by clients of the company.

Among Monday’s petitioners siding with the entertainment companies were the Association of American Publishers, Screen Actors Guild, Recording Artists Coalition, National Basketball Association and the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Marks said. Now those are some strange bedfellows. One wonders how else they may be entertwined.

Mesh Network WiFi by Big Brother

November 10, 2004 on 9:51 pm | In General, News, War Driving | No Comments

A fascinating article on the use of WiFi networks to relay messages via remote control cameras in high crime neighborhoods. New Orleans reports significant drops in crime. Of course then the question is how much standard monitoring do we as a free society tolerate? Do we have an expectation of privacy when we look around and don’t see anyone near us? Does crime prevention override issues of freedom from scrutiny? It might be one thing to kick on the cameras when they get a call, but to keep them running continuously … it has some downsides it might seem.

Corel buys Jasc

October 15, 2004 on 1:54 am | In General, News | No Comments

Corel Software today (October 14th, 2004) announced the purchase of Jasc, the company that produces the popular Paint Shop Pro program. Hopefully it will lead to more widespread use of the program and will not lead to increased costs for this fine program.

House votes to crack down on video voyeurism 09/22/04

October 9, 2004 on 7:11 am | In General, News | No Comments

According to a article, a new bill would crack down on voyerism. I suspect it would also make a lot of my home movies illegal. There must be a better way?

Maxthon – something like Firefox on an IE “engine”

September 3, 2004 on 2:06 pm | In General, News | No Comments

Maxthon is a powerful web browser with a highly customizable interface. It is based on the Internet Explorer engine (your most likely current web browser) which means that what works in IE, works the same in Maxthon but with many additional efficient features … ” Interesting to me, after reading one of Franki’s posts on here saying a certain MicroSoft Employee uses Firefox, that employee supposedly says that is a mischaracterization in his blog (I have yet to figure out how we know who’s blog it is — oh now I get it I go here). He apparently now says he has a copy of FireFox running, but he does that only to keep tabs on the competition as it isn’t on his primary machine. The article I found where he supposedly explains further says he uses Maxthon. Well does that further help or hurt the case that Internet Explorer as released by MicroSoft isn’t all that? I myself usually run two or three browsers to compare the look of web pages in them. It makes sense he would do the same to keep up on the latest, but why Maxthon … because the stock version lacks useability features!

Continue reading Maxthon – something like Firefox on an IE “engine”…

TiVo to Go – allows you to take your show on the road

August 6, 2004 on 2:39 am | In General, News | No Comments

Tivo to Go won approval today by the FCC. It will allow you to send a recorded TiVo show to your laptop and take it with you.

The NFL is concerned it will be used to bypass blackout restrictions on games. Of course, anyone who really wanted to do that could probably figure out a way to rebroadcast the signal anyway. It ain’t all that tough these days.

I have a DVD RAM machine that I like a lot. It allows me to record and watch the same thing at the same time, and unlike TiVo, it doesn’t require a monthly subscription. What it lacks however, is the ability to record automatically like TiVo. But it does have portability. I can take the disk elsewhere and play it in another machine.

RSS Feeds on the Wall Stree Journal.

July 22, 2004 on 12:01 am | In General, News, RSS | No Comments

Wall Street Journal RSS Feed Information is available. RSS isn’t just for the little guys any more. First exploding (in my opinion) in blogs and smaller places, the big boys are now coming on board with RSS feeds, further validating the concept has long term viability. This page also is good because it explains in simple terms what to do with an RSS feed.

J.K.Rowling Official Site – Harry Potter and more

July 21, 2004 on 12:29 am | In News, Random Feature Sites | No Comments

J.K.Rowling Official Site – Harry Potter is now up and running. I read all the Potter books for some light entertainment when my kids had them around. They are entertaining, although they get repetitive about now.

I am not much of a flash fan, and yet, this is a very neat site. It requires that you hunt around … but it also offers a text only version.

I am currently on dial-up, so this is one slow trip for me … if I had to hit the Hogwart’s Express, I might bounce off the brick wall before I got in!

Injuries from Fireworks – NCIPC

July 1, 2004 on 7:27 pm | In News | No Comments

Just a quick note to wish all in the US a happy 4th of July, but remember, celebrate safely! Injuries from Fireworks – NCIPC Tells about injuries from fireworks. As a “survivor” of a pretty good hand blow up in my youth, I can tell you it ain’t pretty. So have fun, but be safe.



gMail from Google – are good things still free

June 30, 2004 on 10:42 pm | In News | No Comments

gMail is a new concept from Google to provide huge email boxes to people for “free”. Their machines scan the mail content and then provide clearly marked advertisements that appear to be topical in the margin. Welcome Page for gMail.

Currently the only way to get one is to be invited by Google. After the “beta” test, they will supposedly be widely available. The main concern people have is that some “big brother” at Google will be checking their mail. The reality is several fold, first, your email will be machine scanned, not man read. They assure people that they are not reading it. The fact is that all email passes through many random isp’s in transmission anyway. So if you want the convenience, consider giving it a try. It might be very handy for people who need to maintain threads for a long time as it gives threaded output and is searchable.

Here is more about it:
Link to gMail About Page
Franki’s prior post on gMail



OT: WMD have been found in Iraq.

April 27, 2004 on 6:16 pm | In General, News | No Comments

Totally unreleated to anything web design. (sorry) but I found this so interesting, that I had to share.
Apparently numerous signs of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) have been found in Iraq, but because there was no huge stockpile found (a figurative smoking gun), the worlds media have mostly ignored it. Where as the report that no massive stockpile had been found made headlines around the world.

WorldNetDaily report

—— update——–
20 tons of chemical agents look to have come from Iraq.



When the stress is to much.

April 27, 2004 on 12:15 am | In General, News | No Comments

This new link is for those times when you really need to come up with a fresh new page design, and you just can’t seem to come up with anything you like.

Lose that stress immediately.

I could use that for hours.. I am thinking of making it my home page.



Secure web applications.

April 24, 2004 on 2:59 am | In General, News | No Comments

While doing my weekly check of for news of any new vunerabilities, I came across this excellent article on Web application security:

Securing web applications (session management).

I’m paranoid as anyone that knows me is aware of.. so this sort of thing really appeals to me..
The session management of both the downloader and stats counter both already roughly follow the suggestions made by that story. It would not really be possible to steal a session from one of the scripts because the session files and cookie strings are extremely long and random, the cookies are “session” cookies that disapear when the browser is closed, and the script itself removes any old session files each time its run, and in fact even if someone did manage to create a session the same as a previous valid session, they will still need to know the hash inside the session file that is based on the user and password of the login, (which is checked for, in every access of the admin screens.). Ironically, all of that is just protecting a screen of download counts (in the downloader script) and a bunch of web user statistics (in the stats counter and the advanced stats counters), for that sort of data, such protection is probably massive overkill, but I plan to use the same lib file (with some updating) as the basis for some e-commerce apps later on.



Stop using JPG, start using PNG.

April 23, 2004 on 10:16 pm | In General, News | No Comments

In 2002, a company that has the patent on the JPG technology started enforcing their patent.

They did so after waiting till JPG had become the industry standard and up till that point had kept quiet about it to make sure the prospect of patent enforcement did not hamper its uptake.. Once JPG reached maximium usage, out comes the lawsuits “you owe us millions”.

In a very similiar move to the SCO debarkle.. company has sliding revenue and not much in the way of future prospects, company buys some IP from another company, company goes after other companies for IP infringment, and sue them for millions and companies original business goes down the tubes in favour of lawsuits.

Continue reading Stop using JPG, start using PNG….

Google, friend or foe???

April 18, 2004 on 4:50 am | In General, News | No Comments

Recently Google have created a new webmail service that looks likely to make both yahoo and MSN hotmail look really lame by comparision.
For one thing you get a massive 1 gig of data storage for free, when both yahoo and hotmail charge you around $50 a year to give you just 100mb,
(and only 4 or 2mb respectively if you pay nothing).

The downside is that the Gmail service is paid for by text ads, and google spider your emails to target the ads to the emails contents.. (it should be said that the spidering is done by computer not person.. its still private.. the spider program just looks for words in the emails and finds relevant ads to display, its really no less intrusive then what people get from hotmail and much less obtrusive then yahoo. (which occasionally makes you click “continue” on a full page ad to get back to your email.)

Continue reading Google, friend or foe???…

Windows Update – critical updates released

April 14, 2004 on 11:14 pm | In News | No Comments

Update at Microsoft once again unless you like living dangerously! Microsoft this week released what has been called a “flurry of critical updates” due to vulnerabilities that could be exploited. You will need to use your Microsoft Internet Explorer to update, even though by now you likely use Firefox as your standard browser if you think like we do … and if you don’t you probably should give it a whirl. It is very nice. The updates affect Windows OS as well as several of the programs like Outlook Express.



Funniest thing I’ve seen this week.

April 8, 2004 on 11:16 pm | In News | No Comments

This was so funny, and so “appropriate” that I had to share it with you guys.

Bill gates speaks.

Long live Linux !!! :-)

News Added to HTML Fixit

April 8, 2004 on 7:01 am | In News | No Comments

Well we’ve gone and done it now! For months, we have been manually adding news to the front page of our site (not to be confused under any stretch of anyone’s imagination with the program FrontPage — that we don’t use … ever). Ironically for months we have likewise (that means Don … while Franki codes) slogging through a blog in an effort to get some content built there, including news with the goal of melding the two shortly … and shortly is now. So without futher ado, here is news.

If you want more from our blog (and there is more there), then jump on over to HTML fixit . com’s random thoughts blog. There you will find tidbits that come up a load short of a tutorial for example about CSS and many other topics.

HTML FIX IT User contributed Tutorial.

April 8, 2004 on 6:52 am | In News | No Comments

We have added another user contributed tutorial to Using Microsoft Proprietary Tags to Beat the Broken Box Model The author, Chris Najman runs a London-based, accessible web design company called Najman Web. His site can be found at He discussed the box model hack avoidance technique of just using Microsoft’s proprietary tags.

We also noticed this site that points out that my bypass is not Tantek’s Box Model Hack: site critical of me
. I didn’t think I represented any set of instructions or that I used that model. In the end I use what seemed the simplest method. Chris might have me beat to be honest.

The Big debate, who owns Unix and what does it mean.

March 16, 2004 on 9:37 pm | In General, News | No Comments

I’ve been reading allot recently on the SCO/IBM legal debate about whether IBM is responsible for putting SCO proprietary code into Linux. (I should add that it hasn’t been proven yet that any proprietary code has been included in Linux because any time SCO reveal something they claim as illegal code, its found to have been released as open source by SCO themselves or one of the previous Unix owners.)

Apart from my personal belief that SCO will have to pry my wallet from my cold dead fingers before they get a Linux license from me, I figured I’d point out some interesting details that most people seem to miss.

Continue reading The Big debate, who owns Unix and what does it mean….

Progress on Advanced Downloader and Paypal IPN Scripts

March 14, 2004 on 4:07 pm | In News | No Comments

We’ve started working on the advanced downloader script now.. As well as all the features of the free versions , it will support multiple download locations and will also work as a link tracker as well. (thats the plan anyway).
I’d also like to see it able to work with the IPN script to provide a method whereby a download URL will only work once, as determined by a list of serial numbers, The idea being that for people selling ebooks, scripts, mp3’s or any other files, they can have the IPN script send an email to the client with a serial number in it. and once the client has downloaded the file, the link will not work again.. So it’ll be a sorta ecommerce feature for the downloader. We already have a few extras to go with the advx downloader, like a “Top 5 downloads” plugin so you can show people how popular your downloads are.

Once the downloader is finished, I’m going back to working on free scripts for a while, like Formreader, which is a new kind of form processing script. (already working but it needs some updating to bring it inline with the other HTMLfixIT scripts). and the “Tell a friend” PHP script. (about time we released a script that wasn’t Perl based :-)


New Tute!: The IE5 Box Model Hack and other solutions for fixing IE5/CSS layout problems

March 14, 2004 on 6:20 am | In CSS, News | No Comments

I have posted a new “tutorial” although it is really just an accumulations of findings I had in trying to solve the broken box model in Internet Explorer 5. This results in problems for css layout sites when viewed in IE5 unless some adjustment is made. In this article, The Box Model Hack and other solutions to fixing the IE5 problem with CSS layout: HTML FIX IT . COM, I attempt to cover the very basic of five ways I found to get around the problem. I hope it is helpful to you.

Array of Hash and Hash of Hash: perl primers hit the street

March 12, 2004 on 3:01 am | In News | No Comments

Well Franki and I (“I” because I throw in sarcastic comments during development in order to claim a contribution) have added a couple of more primers to the successful series on the site:

# Perl Primer 013 Advanced data constructs An array of hashes
Here we take a brief look at creating and using an array of hashes.


# Perl Primer 014 Advanced data constructs A hash of hashes
Here we take a brief look at creating and using an hash of hashes or Multidimensional array.

Top Downloads Summary Added to Front Page

March 12, 2004 on 2:34 am | In News | No Comments

We offer many free scripts for download on our site. Our downloader script that we offer to you is also used on our site and it logs how many of each file offered are downloaded. We thought people might find it useful to see which ones are most popular at any given time.

Top Ten Downloads celebrates first anniversary.

February 27, 2004 on 1:50 pm | In News | No Comments

Well this is it! We have been messing up under this domain name for exactly one year today. So thanks for visiting our creation. In that time we have formed our sister operation, littlehosting, that offers full service web site hosting for reasonable cost — where we don’t nickle and dime the customer like other low cost hosting often does. During that time we have had 20,000 unique vistors (our counter — we use our own – unlike other counters does not recount visitors as they wander about the pages).

It is hard to say what might be our greatest success to date. Is it the number of people we have helped via our chat room with on the spot answers to what perplexes them in the world of web design and coding? Is it our highly popular scripts (many of them free, with a few advanced versions like our IPN and supercharged stats counter that are rolling out the door for the price of just $10 that we also back with chat room and forum support)? Is it just that Franki has had something to do so he has not been arrested for any of the capital offenses he regularly contemplates? Why don’t you tell us how we have made your life better. Send us a greeting.

Best of all, we aren’t done, we have bigger and better plans for the coming year. So give us your bookmark, donate if you can (link below), contribute a tutorial, whatever you can do, but above all, keep visiting!


News: Scammer and Spammers having a field day.

February 25, 2004 on 1:11 pm | In News | No Comments

Not much new to report at this time, but a couple of warnings:

Firstly, there are a couple of nasty virus’s around at the moment, including but not limited to the widespread mydoom.A virus. Our mail server has filtered out thousands of mydoom virus emails in the past month. So if you use any version of Windows, and you don’t have any virus protection, you’re asking for trouble. :-)
Update: Recently released is the MyDoom.F virus, this one is potentially more damaging then MyDoom.A because MyDoom.F will actually delete files from infected machines.

On another note, are the 914 Nigerian scammers.. their long existing mail abuse has scaled up noticeably of late. So if you get an email from the wife/girlfriend/brother/sister of some dead or imprisoned foreign diplomat, and they want to use your bank account to put millions of dollars in it.. don’t buy it.. they have no money and want yours.

I kind of think that anyone looking at a web development site most likely wouldn’t fall for one of these, but thousands of smart people do … every year.

For more info on these scam emails, see To see some stories about the feds getting a few of them, see this rather interesting account. Feds strike back.

As far as the development of our scripts, I have been swamped in work this month so far and have not been able to spend much time on them. We are making slow progress though.

I am very excited about eventually releasing our version of the popular Formmail script. Ours is a quite unique approach to this very useful class of script, we think it will be very popular. It might even overtake the HTMLfixIT statistical hit counter as our most popular script. (Of which the free version has been downloaded over 3000 times now.)


Google Ads – friend or foe

January 8, 2004 on 1:06 pm | In News | No Comments

Well, we are back on the job (not that we ever left, but effective again anyway), making some changes and additions to the site. The most noticable is a new look in the banner, but lots is going on around the site.

I’m working hard to get the PayPal IPN Perl script I’ve written ready to be released as the second advanced (meaning great for a very modest cost) htmlfixit script. It is ready and purchases are starting to trickle in.

The advanced statistical counter has been selling well, and has gotten some really good user reviews (that I have been trying to add to the testimonials page when I get spare seconds.)

If you have a suggestion about a script you’d like to see us write here at … or features you think we should add to existing scripts, then feel free to use the contact link and let us know.

We’ve not been that impressed by the google ads we put on the site. Google doesn’t allow us to block ads based on keyword, so they often reflect ads from products competing with our own, and that is not a good situation. Also the money the ads seem to be generating is not exactly steller either (based on clickthrough only). We are trying to decide if its worth continuing them. (At the current rate, we’ll likely get our first cheque from google in about a year). It seems the internet is/has become saturated with advertising now … and the money to be made from it has dropped accordingly. Still, it was worth trying and we were interested in whether having Google ads increased your ranking with Google. Results so far have been inconclusive in that area.



Sign Lap-Top Upgrade Petition

January 3, 2004 on 8:03 am | In News | No Comments

Now days, many of us have joined the mobile brigade and now work from laptops, recently it came to my attention that many laptop owners were feeling left out in that they can’t upgrade the video card of their laptops like our desktop brothers and sisters have been doing for years.

There is no longer a technical reason why this should not be possible, the only reason is marketing, why sell you an upgrade, when they can force you to buy a new laptop by not selling you an upgrade.
To that end, I have setup a petition to Dell (in this case) that they consider offering us the ability to upgrade the video cards of our laptops.
Since Dells laptops already have modular video cards, there is no reason for them not to do this for their customers.

So if you own a laptop, owned a laptop or may one day own a laptop, its in your best interest to support this. The petition can be found here:
Support laptop upgrades petiton

Many thanks,


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