Google Ads – friend or foe

Well, we are back on the job (not that we ever left, but effective again anyway), making some changes and additions to the site. The most noticable is a new look in the banner, but lots is going on around the site.

I’m working hard to get the PayPal IPN Perl script I’ve written ready to be released as the second advanced (meaning great for a very modest cost) htmlfixit script. It is ready and purchases are starting to trickle in.

The advanced statistical counter has been selling well, and has gotten some really good user reviews (that I have been trying to add to the testimonials page when I get spare seconds.)

If you have a suggestion about a script you’d like to see us write here at … or features you think we should add to existing scripts, then feel free to use the contact link and let us know.

We’ve not been that impressed by the google ads we put on the site. Google doesn’t allow us to block ads based on keyword, so they often reflect ads from products competing with our own, and that is not a good situation. Also the money the ads seem to be generating is not exactly steller either (based on clickthrough only). We are trying to decide if its worth continuing them. (At the current rate, we’ll likely get our first cheque from google in about a year). It seems the internet is/has become saturated with advertising now … and the money to be made from it has dropped accordingly. Still, it was worth trying and we were interested in whether having Google ads increased your ranking with Google. Results so far have been inconclusive in that area.



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