How to Get Cross County Times Downloaded in Hy-Tec 2.0C

We upgraded because the older version won’t run on Windows Vista. It has some nice features like supposedly downloads of track timing which should come in handy. Still our primary purpose is to download times for cross country meets and score them with the Sprint 8 TimeTech Timers. So we go to our first meet the other day of the season and … well we don’t succeed in downloading much if anything …

So we figure something must be wrong, but what? Well I’ll try to figure out.

I ran a test and here is my findings:
1. you need to first be in run, then cc/rr screen.
2. You set up the interface (in our case timetech sprint eight timer)
3. You open the com port (don’t ask me, but it is 1 in our case)
4. You click on download and then start download
5. Here is where it was weird! I click on 2 transmit in the timer (you have to first run through a couple of screens after turning it on and you get to 1 time – 2 transmit – 3 reprint)
6. If you sit and wait is says waiting to transmit forever … but I find you have to again click on either the start download text or the little black down arrow which is also start download.

It seems to work.

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