Nose Licks and Tail Wags

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Nose Licks and Tail Wags is a site devoted to dogs. I mainly decided to feature it because I thought it might appeal to Hazel, one of our guest authors who occasionally posts.



So I Guess htmlfixit is our “sex”

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gapingvoid: the sex & cash theory is interesting. The guy explains the natural tension in life between what we want to do and what we have to do. Some get lucky and find the blend. I think retirement may allow the sex to overtake the cash, but by then so many people are tired, cynical and unable or unwilling to take the risks … someday will that be me? Let’s hope not. Feel free to donate to the htmlfixit cause maybe that will improve our blend :-)

Fighting silly patents.

September 21, 2004 on 5:14 pm | In General | No Comments

The battle has started between those interested in software innovation and those interested in lining their pockets to the detriment of everything else. The battlefield is the patenting of non specific ideas.

To give you an idea of the problem, say for example I had patented the idea of burning a flammable substance and using the resultant released energy to “do stuff”. Do you have any idea how many people would have to pay me money? Even if I had never actually researched the process, or created a product, anyone using energy derived from fire for heat, cooking, power generation or to power a car would owe me cash.

That is what’s happening today in the software industry. Big companies are patenting the building blocks of applications and using them to build or ensure market share dominance. It needs to stop.

To that end, the guys at the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) have filed a brief to the US court of appeals to have ambiguous patents declared invalid. If a patent isn’t totally explicit about an “idea” then it should not be valid.

The other question is the validity of software patents at all. Is it acceptable to allow someone to patent double clicking a mouse button? or an online to-do list? Well guess what? Microsoft already have both of those “ideas” wrapped up. Here is another way of looking at it, nobody in their right mind would try to patent selling stuff, but if you do it online, there is a risk you will be sued for patent infringement because online shopping has been the target of a patent or two as well.

Read about the first salvo in this war at TheRegister.

The Incredibles — The Official Movie Website

September 14, 2004 on 4:54 pm | In General, Random Feature Sites | No Comments

The Incredibles — The Official Movie Website is up and running counting down the days til the movies release. If there is one thing I like better than Google, it is probably Pixar. I really enjoy so much of what they do, the hidden humor, the attention to detail, even in the early “films” they did, some of which I have as trailers/extras on dvd’s such as Monster’s Inc.

Google Blog

September 13, 2004 on 5:41 pm | In General, Random Feature Sites | No Comments

We have been tracking hits to our site using the best statistical hit counter we know of … ours … and we keep getting this unusual hit to this to one of our tutorials:
(hold your mouse over the link to see the url popup.)
HTMLfixIT box model hack tute. (via Google)

It appears that adding the ?sa=D&q= before an address, will transport on from a page at google to the specified page. So why are we getting these hits? I did find that the google blog uses this method for links contained in it. I presume it then counts the hit as an outgoing follow.

I wonder how long the googleblog will survive with publicly traded stock … and by the way, I am looking to buy exactly one share of google. I have yet to find out how.

Cyber Security Tips by CERT

September 8, 2004 on 11:31 pm | In General, Random Feature Sites | No Comments

Cyber Security Tips are available from the CERT folks. They are from the government and they are here to help you.

Well in this case they actually have a bunch of helpful information. They explain a lot of the common scams like phishing, how to avoid spam, and so forth.

CERT stands for: United States Computer Readiness Team by the way.

[Franki: It should be added that these guys are the same US government security folk that suggested that a possible alternative to IE security woes was to use a different browser.]

Happy Birthday Google

September 8, 2004 on 4:18 pm | In General | No Comments

Google is our favorite search engine at for many many reasons. First it produces the most relevant search results. Second it has an entire Linux section. Third, even though it accepts paid ad’s (and pays us something for ads on a page here or there), they have not used pop-ups, they don’t compromise the result for people willing to pay, etc. Let us hope that third feature remains!

Anyway for those visiting today, they are celebrating a sixth birthday as is evident from the banner on the site. HTML fixit, in it’s second year now says: Happy Birthday and Many More!

California MCLE, CLE and Continuing Legal Education

September 6, 2004 on 3:52 pm | In General, Random Feature Sites | No Comments

California MCLE, CLE and Continuing Legal Education is a neat site, it has many many sample contracts. For example use the search feature to look for Microsoft and SCO, or find leases for real estate by Fun to look around.

Picasa: how much does it cost?

September 3, 2004 on 9:08 pm | In General, Utilities and Programs | No Comments

I love Google. At the bottom of a recent Google search up pops a promo for Picasa. It said:

You can find any image you want on the Web. How about on your own computer?
Albums. Editing. Printing. Sharing.
Try Picasa, Google’s new photo organizer.
Free Download!

Now I have to tell you, it looked good when I hit the product features page.

Continue reading Picasa: how much does it cost?…

Maxthon – something like Firefox on an IE “engine”

September 3, 2004 on 2:06 pm | In General, News | No Comments

Maxthon is a powerful web browser with a highly customizable interface. It is based on the Internet Explorer engine (your most likely current web browser) which means that what works in IE, works the same in Maxthon but with many additional efficient features … ” Interesting to me, after reading one of Franki’s posts on here saying a certain MicroSoft Employee uses Firefox, that employee supposedly says that is a mischaracterization in his blog (I have yet to figure out how we know who’s blog it is — oh now I get it I go here). He apparently now says he has a copy of FireFox running, but he does that only to keep tabs on the competition as it isn’t on his primary machine. The article I found where he supposedly explains further says he uses Maxthon. Well does that further help or hurt the case that Internet Explorer as released by MicroSoft isn’t all that? I myself usually run two or three browsers to compare the look of web pages in them. It makes sense he would do the same to keep up on the latest, but why Maxthon … because the stock version lacks useability features!

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Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

September 2, 2004 on 5:54 pm | In General | No Comments

For those who need tutorials I have noticed that the Jasc website now have these. Go to and then the learning center link on the left or use the others, whatever you need.

We used to have to go to the Paint Shop Pro users group for tutorials before, I don’t know exactly how long Jasc have been doing them themselves but I have just discovered them.

There are a couple of upgrades, Don posted news of these. They are still at the Beta stage at the moment, but I think I am going to be very interested in version 9 as I really like 8.

Gmail Giving Tree – Welcome

September 2, 2004 on 4:29 pm | In General, Random Feature Sites | No Comments

I just came accross the Gmail Giving Tree – Welcome site. I have been wanting to give Gmail a whirl for a bit now. A couple of groups I belong to have people who have received invites. I have not. I am curious if anyone has had experience with the giving tree concept. What bothered me is that there is no privacy policy on this site.

Browser History timeline: Overview

September 1, 2004 on 2:50 pm | In General | No Comments

Browser History timeline: Overview provides a listing of the release date of each browsers final version. Some have not had a significant update for over three years of their latest version!

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