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The Incredibles — The Official Movie Website is up and running counting down the days til the movies release, and to market the website they use different marketing techniques from page optimization to the use of GMB images, which this article on using GMB photos from Local Viking explains how it works. If there is one thing I like better than Google, it is probably Pixar.
I really enjoy so much of what they do, the hidden humor, the attention to detail, even in the early “films” they did, some of which I have as trailers/extras on dvd’s such as Monster’s Inc. All parents need to know that The Incredibles is an animated superhero adventure that’s considered one of Pixar’s all-time best for portraying mature themes about families in a way that both kids and adults can enjoy. You can expect quite a bit more violence than in many kid-targeted animated movies. There are all sorts of weapons, explosions, deaths, wide-spread destruction, and more. A man tries to kill himself by jumping off a building.
On the surface, “The Incredibles” is a goof on superhero comics. Underneath, it’s a critique of modern American uniformity. Mr. Incredible is forced to retire, not because of age or obsolescence, but because of trial lawyers seeking damages for his unsolicited good deeds; he’s in the same position as the Boy Scout who helps the little old lady across the street when she doesn’t want to go. What his society needs is not superdeeds but tort reform.
Mr. Incredible saves him, but then is taken to court, where they talk about how the man should be allowed to carry out his plan. A few characters are shown with drinks in hand, and one character smokes a long-stemmed cigarette. Despite the intensity of the Bond-level violence, there are plenty of positive themes about family, courage, and identity to make this a must-see for families.

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