gMail from Google – are good things still free

gMail is a new concept from Google to provide huge email boxes to people for “free”. Their machines scan the mail content and then provide clearly marked advertisements that appear to be topical in the margin. Welcome Page for gMail.

Currently the only way to get one is to be invited by Google. After the “beta” test, they will supposedly be widely available. The main concern people have is that some “big brother” at Google will be checking their mail. The reality is several fold, first, your email will be machine scanned, not man read. They assure people that they are not reading it. The fact is that all email passes through many random isp’s in transmission anyway. So if you want the convenience, consider giving it a try. It might be very handy for people who need to maintain threads for a long time as it gives threaded output and is searchable.

Here is more about it:
Link to gMail About Page
Franki’s prior post on gMail



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