It’s happened again!!

For the second time in as many weeks, Internet Explorer has yet another security flaw that is being actively used to compromise users, and the sole purpose of this one is to steal your banking details.
For the love of god people, why are you still using IE? How many virus’s must you be infected with, and how much spy and malware must your computer get before people come to their senses? IE has only one real purpose now days, and that is to install updates from Windows update. For anything other then that you are asking for trouble and its only a matter of time before you get caught. Get Opera or Firefox or Mozilla, just get something and stop this nonsense please.

Remember people, these particular virus/trojan infections have one purpose, to take money from your pocket, and put it into theirs, and the easiest way to stop that happening, is to NOT use IE.

If you don’t change to a better browser, you have only your self to blame when your credit card is full of charges you didn’t make, and your computer is blocked from your ISP because its being used remotely by morally inept people to send SPAM to the unsuspecting public, or worse, all your private data is copied, followed later by your identity being assumed by someone who is clearly not you.

More info about the new flaw compromise can be found at The Register or SecurityFocus or Netcraft.



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