GoDaddy Pushes Envelope with Nikki Cappelli Advertisement – a great little domain name registrar, despite it’s many levels of come-on deals you have to bypass to get your $8.95 name – decided to push the now conservative envelope on Super Bowl Advertisements. It featured an actress in a spaghetti strap top in front a pretend congressional committee (see the ad here). The actress, currently unnamed is identified in the commercial as one Nicki Cappelli — but I doubt that is her real name. In fact, the chairman of the committee is identified as Bob Parsons (and that happens to be the name of the president of even though it is really a professional actor with an extensive resume, Booth Coleman. Miss Nikki didn’t need an extensive resume! She had other ass (no pun intended) ets working for her. Be sure to check out the full length ad on GoDaddy’s site as well as the rejected version and the actually aired version.

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