Progress on Advanced Downloader and Paypal IPN Scripts

We’ve started working on the advanced downloader script now.. As well as all the features of the free versions , it will support multiple download locations and will also work as a link tracker as well. (thats the plan anyway).
I’d also like to see it able to work with the IPN script to provide a method whereby a download URL will only work once, as determined by a list of serial numbers, The idea being that for people selling ebooks, scripts, mp3’s or any other files, they can have the IPN script send an email to the client with a serial number in it. and once the client has downloaded the file, the link will not work again.. So it’ll be a sorta ecommerce feature for the downloader. We already have a few extras to go with the advx downloader, like a “Top 5 downloads” plugin so you can show people how popular your downloads are.

Once the downloader is finished, I’m going back to working on free scripts for a while, like Formreader, which is a new kind of form processing script. (already working but it needs some updating to bring it inline with the other HTMLfixIT scripts). and the “Tell a friend” PHP script. (about time we released a script that wasn’t Perl based :-)


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