^$GetLinecount$ updates as lines are deleted

I wanted to see if ^$GetLinecount$ updates on the fly every time a line is deleted. It does as shown by the following clip:

; by don at htmlfixit.com
; this clip is to show that
; if you delete lines the
; variable ^$GetLinecount$ updates
; itself on the fly

;create file
^!Menu File/New
;put 10 lines in the file
^!InsertText 1^P2^P3^P4^P5^P6^P7^P8^P9^P10
;display linecount, should be 10
^!Info Line Count: ^$GetLinecount$
;put cursor at bottom
^!Jump Doc_End
;select to line 6
^!SelectTo 6:1
;delete last 5 lines
^!Keyboard DELETE
^!Keyboard BACKSPACE
;display linecount, should be 5
^!Info Line Count: ^$GetLinecount$
; it works! ^$GetLinecount$ updates

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