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I happened on to a site yesterday in random surfing that discusses contemporary art. Now I know absolutely nothing about this subject, so I read on a bit. Something about the clean lines of the site, and the picture in the upper left made the site inviting for me.

In further reading I happened onto her story from 2004 about a young lad at an art auction. She was bothered that a young person would be given discretion to bid at the auction. A couple of things struck me as funny. She wonders if the people had too much money. A funny assessment from someone who is the curator of a private art collection. It strikes me that one who keeps someone on staff to manage his/her art is certainly one with a whole lot of extra money lying around. She also makes many assumptions about the lad. How do we know that the parents have not attended many many auctions with him previously. Maybe he has earned the money he is bidding with from prior auctions and resales. Perhaps he knew the value of what he was bidding on quite well because someone else obviously was willing to pay more for it. Who’s to say, it may even have been a ploy to see if people would respect the young lad and not outbid him out of respect for his youth. I know the answer to none of these things, but I do understand that things like this are likely situational and what may be right for one kid won’t be for the next.

The last observation before departing this site is that it appears to be one of the very many blogs now abandoned on the net. What is to become of them? Free blogs, free blogs, come and get your free blog … and when you quit using it … it just sits there abandoned. Has she moved elsewhere? Is she well? Did somebody see the great picture in the upper left, fall in love with it, and whisk her away romantically? Guess I’ll just have to wonder as her last post on that site is in September 2004.

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