Advancing Runners

We often create heats from known entrants. The only way I have found to enter the athletes into the heats in my meets is to go to the athlete menu, find each athlete, drop down and check off the event they are competing in and then add their entry time. Because I have all eight athletes for a given heat and their entry time in front of me it would be much easier to enter them from the run menu. However, the run menu will allow you to enter athletes down the left column and finish times down the right column, but it won’t allow you to add entry times.

The work around for this I have found is to create a dummy meet. In the dummy meet enter the atletes in each heat in the left column (competitor number column) and then enter their entry time for the current meet as a finish time in the Finals Time column. The on the main menu choose file, export, advancers. Select the events you have entered people under and choose 8 if you have 8 lanes for the number of advancers. The essentially advances all athletes you just entered.

Create that report and you have essentially created a list of entry times by using the finish time column. Then open your real meet, import the advancers and you have them entered. The file name will be something cryptic for the advancers file (I find the inability to name files and control easily the directory into which they are placed one of the most frustrating parts of this great software). I then seed the event and I have what I wanted.

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