Iraq gets a taste of Linux.

Just an interesting sideline story.

Iraq is still in upheaval, with problems popping up all over the place, but in the shadow of all that, they have started their first Linux Users Group (LUG)
with the idea of showing people (particularly those in government) how to setup an IT infrastructure that doesn’t rely on the software or services of big multinational companies which always results in huge amounts of money heading offshore.

Right now, those few that are using software in Iraq, are using pirated versions, as obviously the average Joe over there doesn’t have the same financial situation as we do.
The big multinationals are very happy about the pirated software, because it means that if people get dependent on the software, and used to its quirks, then when the big piracy crackdown finally happens, they hope these people will end up being forced into buying the software legally rather then look around for a free alternative. (like Linux).

That’s nothing new, Bill Gates himself was quoted as saying that he wasn’t too fussed about piracy in developing countries as it makes a good head start and a legit user base later on. (In fact he said something about getting them addicted to the software before making them pay.)

Anyway, discussion aside, I find myself amazed that in all that turmoil, there are geeks over there getting excited by all the same stuff that excites geeks over here.

Good luck to them.

More on this story can be found on the BBC.

I mention all of this, because Linux and OSS is taking off all over the world now, especially counties like Germany, Brazil, France, Pakistan, China, India, Venezuela, Russia, Peru, Argentina, United Kingdom, Mexico, Finland and even government departments in the United States and Australia. So this Linux thing is becoming big news now days.



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