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PHP Reference.

PHP Array functions.
A (hopefully useful) list of some array functions, what they do, and an example usage.

array()Creates arrays and hashes. $desserts = array("chocolate", "icecream");
$appliances = array("fridge" => "Kelvinator", "toaster" => "Sunbeam");
sizeof() Returns the number of array elements. sizeof($desserts);
// Returns 2 in this case.
is_array() Test if a variable is an array. is_array($desserts);
// Returns true, since $desserts is an array.
range() Automatically create an array containing a range of elements$letters = range("b", "f");
// Returns: ("b", "c", "d", "e", "f")
array_values() Returns an array of a hashes values. $values = array_values($hash-array);
array_keys() Returns an array of a hashes keys. $keys = array_keys($hash-array);
array_search() Find value in array, returns key or list number. array_search("lookfor", $in);
in_array() Returns true or false if an array contains a specific value.in_array("lookfor", $in);
extract() Extracts list items into matched variable/value pairs. extract($deserts);
// Returns variabes named as the hash keys.
list() Assigns list values to variables. list($a, $b) = $desserts;

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