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User Contributions.

The tips and tutorials on this page were kindly provided by people who have found this site useful or by members of the CIGHTML and/or Webwork mailing lists.

Currently available user contributed tips and tutorials.

- JavaScript framepage reframer tips. By Gary Badger.
- HTML to XHTML transitional, validation tips. By Hazel.
- JavaScript shopping cart tips. By Gary Badger.
- Using the Free WS FTP program. By Hazel.
- Using PageSpinner for common HTML tasks on a Macintosh. By Mike Welsh.
- SmartFTP, an excellent free FTP client, the basics tutorial. By Hazel.
- A simple Javascript slideshow tutorial. By Hazel.
- MS proprietary conditional tags Box model hack By Chris Najman.

The supplied pages are provided much as they were delivered to us by their corresponding authors although minor changes may have been made here and there to provide more detail, fix discrepancies or for formatting/display purposes.
As such the pages may not be uniform in appearance or function.
Having said that, I have created a basic template for potential contributers to use if they wish to write a tute. The idea is to have them look and function in a similiar way, for a more professional look and to make navigation easier.
This template can be downloaded here: [Download Template]

The styles for this template are all in the head of the document, which enables you to modify them to suit your tutorial (or you can add your own stylesheet as well if you wish). I ask only that you do not modify the content divs as they are the main reason that the tutes will look and function the same.
Because the pages are supplied mostly "as is", there is no guarantee they will validate as HTML or XHTML or even that they will display correctly at all, however we test the pages in numerous browsers to ensure that they do.

If you have written a Tutorial and wish to have it included here for others, please email it to me at:

Don and Franki of wish to thank the authors for sharing their experiences with others.