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Free Scripts

All the Perl scripts we offer have an "admin" interface where you can log into the script and get summary information of all the data collected by the script.

The Scripts available here thus far are:

Coming Soon!:

A note about our scripts. will not make any CGI script available online unless it runs in taint mode and strictures (and we use warnings and diagnostics during creation.)
Although not a guarantee of security, strictures and particularly Taint mode go a long way to insuring that the scripts can't be tricked into doing anything untoward to the server they are running on.
The plethora of truly badly written scripts available online is what convinced us of the need for this.
It is our opinion that NOBODY should be installing scripts on their site that do not run in Taint mode and strictures. (Taint mode can be determined by the -T at the end of the first line. Strictures can be determined by looking for a line that says "use strict;" near the top of the script).
Taint mode simply tells the Perl interpreter not to trust any data supplied by the user without testing it first.
Strictures is just a way to tell the interpreter to enforce good coding practises and not allow sloppy coding.

As always: For what works thank the giants upon whos shoulder we stand, for what doesn't, blame us for occasionally falling off. :-)

Our Free Perl CGI scripts.


New ReleaseHTMLfixIT Statistical hit counter.New Release
New Version (1.00)!

An invisible hit counter that collects statistical data like IP address, refering pages, browser type and version, operating system and screen resolution while counting but not logging details of preset ignored address's and repetitive hits from the same person and then outputs all the information captured in a password protected admin console web page.
It also has the benefit of catching referer information lost by other statistic collection scripts when the user has a software firewall.
No Server Side Includes required!

Version 1.00 

Change log. Read some testimonials

Download tar (30kb)
Download zip (39kb)

New ver 1.00 admin demo
License: (Free)


If you like this script, please click here and vote for it.

stats-counter tar:  6285
stats-counter zip:  16150

Advanced statistical counter now available. Click here!

If you have a hankering to know what countries your visitors are from, or what search engine and search terms they use to find you, then you should check out the advanced counter as those are just two of many new features.

HTMLfixIT Site Download Manager.

After looking for a quick and easy downloader script for this site, and downloading a few to see the standard of their coding. I decided there was no way I was putting any of them on my site. Most had no error checking or checking the validity (safety) of user input.
Long story short, I decided to write one myself. Ours runs full taint mode with strictures, and not only will the one script perform the download functions for your files, it will also allow you to insert the download count into your page (Via PHP include or SSI), as you see with all the download counts for the scripts available here.
One copy of the script can handle as many files as you like.
Very easy to configure and install, and one install will handle all your file download needs.
Best of all it has a password protected "Admin Interface" where you can see and reset the count for all your files.  As an added bonus, the script will run perfectly under mod_perl if required.

Version 0.90   Change log.

Download tar (16.3kb)
Download zip (18.6kb)

Admin Demo
License: (Free)


If you like this script, please click here and vote for it.

downloader tar:  4894
downloader zip:  10975

Useful tools to aid installation.

Since many of the scripts settings ask for information that you may not know, file paths and the like, sometimes it's much easier to just ask Perl (or php if your script is a php script) for the answer.
To that end, I have made available here, a little Perl script that asks Perl to print out everything it knows about your server.
Simply download this file, unzip it, copy it to your cgi-bin and make it executable. Then point your web browser at it. e.g:
- Ask Perl for help
This script will tell you the path to the script and many other aspects of the Perl installation on your server.
Don't leave the file executable on your server, once you have the information you need delete it, or make it non executable.
The php variant of this script is phpinfo and its available here:
- Ask PHP for help
Extract the phpinfo.php file from the zip and copy it to your web directory, you do not need to make it executable.
Again, don't leave this script active on the server after you are finished with it. It's a bad idea to give away info about your servers setup to anyone you don't know.

Other resources

If you are chasing something we don't have yet, perhaps these links will be of use to you.
We have no affiliation with any of them, and our previously made suggestion of checking scripts for strictures and taint mode still applies.
These links are provided in no particular order, however I recommend trying nms-cgi first as they offer some of the most secure cgi scripts available on the internet.

- nms-cgi secure scripts.
- HotScripts

If you are interested in custom CGI programming, send me an email at: with a clear description of your requirments and I will endeavor to return a quote.