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In an effort to get this site to pay for itself, we are introducing more advanced versions of the scripts that we currently give away for free.
Basically all the advanced versions will sell for approximately 10 dollars which will be payable via credit card or Paypal.(Paypal only initially).
In essence this is a way of supporting HTMLfixIt that doesn't involve donating money, we would prefer you got something concrete for your investment.

Advanced scripts currently available from

Advanced Statistical Counter..

Click images for a closer look.
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Or better yet, try the online demo, or read some customer testimonials.

The first script to be released as an advanced version is the "Statistical counter" as it's currently our most popular script.
Here is a list of the features that you get in the advanced version.


The newest versions of the scripts all have separate configuration files, meaning upgrading is easier then ever before.
This is handy because if you buy an advanced version of the script, and we release a newer version that has features yours does not, you can upgrade to the latest version much easier then was previously possible.

So in summary, if you want to support HTMLfixIt, or you want some of the new features of the advanced versions, this is the mechanism by which you can do/get both.
We are as always, open to suggestions. So if you have something to say, use the forum or the contact form to have your say.

When filling out the Paypal payment form, be sure you enter your email address correctly as that is the address to which the script files will be sent.

Buy the Advanced Statistical Counter for only $10.00 USD and help support and get a great counter to boot.

Here is a picture of my puppy to help you decide: Meet Maestro!

Kindest regards

Franki and Don

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