New features for the advx counter.

I’m in the middle of updating the advanced counter, some of the stuff I have added or plan to add are:

– More browsers detected.
– Display fixes.
– Fixed some minor bugs like return chars in referer strings, and occasional divide by zero error on empty stats counts.
– Auto rollover/archive stats at 12am on the first of each month. (if set to do so.)
– Seach engine spider stats added.
– Setting that removes the login screen and goes staight to the stats if configured to do so.
– counter will work by passing session id as a form paramater instead of just via cookie. (right now if the cookie isn’t working, you can’t view the advanced stats.)

I have not finalised the list of stuff I want to add, so if you wish to make a suggestion, please use the htmlfixit forum to make your suggestion and I’ll see what I can do.


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