The SCO debacle continues.

For those of you following the IBM/RedHat/AutoZone/Chrysler/Open source community/whole world verses: “SCO” court case,
(and if you are not, you should be as the vast majority of the internet runs on open source software like Bind (DNS), Apache (Web server) and Sendmail/Postifx (email) not to mention Linux itself.)

Anyway, onto the story, and its a good one. First off, SCO tries to cancel IBM’s right to distribute Unix, claiming they infringed SCO’s copyright by putting millions of lines of Unix code into Linux.. In their most recent filing they have claimed that they have no copyright issue with IBM over their use, contribution or distribution of Linux, and are asking that IBM’s 10th counter claim be dismissed or stayed on that basis.

The hilarious question is.. SCO apparently no longer think IBM infringed on SCO’s copyright re: Linux, and yet that very claim was the reason they tried to terminate IBM’s unix agreement with in the first place.. which they are now trying desperately to have the judge enforce..
In other words, they are trying to terminate the IBM/Unix license, on the basis of a copyright infringement that they are no longer claiming happend in the first place, and they are asking a judge to rule in their favour??? What are these people smoking and can I have some ?

Little wonder that SCO’s share price has gone from about $22 dollars to touching the $5 dollar area in a period of less then 6 months.

If you want to read my bigger post on the subject, here’s the link.

This is important, because without open source software, the internet would not run as it does, even google would have to change or disappear, as they run arguably the biggest linux cluster in the world. (100,000 machines it’s rumoured).

Support your Open source, they’ve been supporting the internet for decades now.


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