News in brief.

A couple of new virus’s are doing the rounds at the moment.
They are all “MicroSoft windows only” virus’s, Mac and Linux users need not worry as they are totally unaffected.

First is the Sasser virus, see here for info and removal details.
The Sasser virus is unusual in that it is not transferred by email like the rest of the current crop, instead it transmits itself directly to other windows PC’s by looking for machines that have an unpatched microsoft windows security flaw. So not opening emails with attachments is no defense against this one.
If your computer is running extra slow, and is restarting for no good reason, checking for Sasser would be a good start. (there are already different variations of Sasser appearing.)

And from the group of people on the internet with seemingly the greatest desire to create easier to use applications: :-)
The other Virus of interst is Netsky-X, which is much like all the other Netsky variants around, with the exception that it tries to deliver the nasty email to you in your native language, I say “try” because apparently the auther used a service like the Babel Fish translation service to translate the message to different languages, and sometimes the translation wasn’t particularly close to what was desired. see here for info and removal instructions.

Anyone with a Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP machine, should have/do the following on their computers.
1. Run windows update at least once a week or fortnight.
2. Make sure you have a firewall. ZoneAlarm is free, and as good as any.
3. Install an antivirus program, like the free AVG and KEEP IT UP TO DATE.
4. Get rid of nasty SpyWare using the free and excellent Adaware program.
5. Test your firewall using the free online scanner at Sygate to make sure you are protected.
So what are you waiting for? its all free! go and protect yourself.

In other news:
MicroSoft invents disappearing Music and movies, and calls it Janus.
Basically, the idea of Janus, is that you can rent a song, or a movie, and after it has reached whatever limit the makers put on it, it is rendered useless.
Unless the songs and movies are really really REALLY cheap, I can’t see this one being all that successful. (at least I hope not.)
See MacWorld for more.

80% of IT security experts don’t think Bill Gates antispam plan is realistic..
No explanation really necessary here.. Bill thinks he can do it, and the vast majority of his professional peers think he can’t.
see: Zdnet for more.

Record companies continue their rampant sue first, ask questions later policy.
The RIAA have sued another 477 users they allege are illegally sharing music files online.
That means they have sued nearly 2500 users, and none have yet gone to trial.
The RIAA have a plan, they say that universities should pay them millions of dollars so that their students can download songs legally. Needless to say, the plan hasn’t been particularly well accepted by the universities in question..
see: CNN for more.


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