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HTMLfixIT Archive for February, 2004

Friday, February 27th, 2004 by Don

Well this is it! We have been messing up under this domain name for exactly one year today. So thanks for visiting our creation. In that time we have formed our sister operation, littlehosting, that offers full service web site hosting for reasonable cost — where we don’t nickle and dime the customer like other low cost hosting often does. During that time we have had 20,000 unique vistors (our counter — we use our own — unlike other counters does not recount visitors as they wander about the pages).

It is hard to say what might be our greatest success to date. Is it the number of people we have helped via our chat room with on the spot answers to what perplexes them in the world of web design and coding? Is it our highly popular scripts (many of them free, with a few advanced versions like our IPN and supercharged stats counter that are rolling out the door for the price of just $10 that we also back with chat room and forum support)? Is it just that Franki has had something to do so he has not been arrested for any of the capital offenses he regularly contemplates? Why don’t you tell us how we have made your life better. Send us a greeting.

Best of all, we aren’t done, we have bigger and better plans for the coming year. So give us your bookmark, donate if you can (link below), contribute a tutorial, whatever you can do, but above all, keep visiting!


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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004 by Franki

Not much new to report at this time, but a couple of warnings:

Firstly, there are a couple of nasty virus’s around at the moment, including but not limited to the widespread mydoom.A virus. Our mail server has filtered out thousands of mydoom virus emails in the past month. So if you use any version of Windows, and you don’t have any virus protection, you’re asking for trouble. 🙂
Update: Recently released is the MyDoom.F virus, this one is potentially more damaging then MyDoom.A because MyDoom.F will actually delete files from infected machines.

On another note, are the 914 Nigerian scammers.. their long existing mail abuse has scaled up noticeably of late. So if you get an email from the wife/girlfriend/brother/sister of some dead or imprisoned foreign diplomat, and they want to use your bank account to put millions of dollars in it.. don’t buy it.. they have no money and want yours.

I kind of think that anyone looking at a web development site most likely wouldn’t fall for one of these, but thousands of smart people do … every year.

For more info on these scam emails, see To see some stories about the feds getting a few of them, see this rather interesting account. Feds strike back.

As far as the development of our scripts, I have been swamped in work this month so far and have not been able to spend much time on them. We are making slow progress though.

I am very excited about eventually releasing our version of the popular Formmail script. Ours is a quite unique approach to this very useful class of script, we think it will be very popular. It might even overtake the HTMLfixIT statistical hit counter as our most popular script. (Of which the free version has been downloaded over 3000 times now.)



This site is totally free to use, you have absolutely no moral or legal obligations to help us continue.
There are however, some costs involved in running the site.

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Plus Don kids keep asking for a better allowance.
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So if this site helped you find your way, perhaps you could consider contributing to our costs. Whatever amount you feel this site was worth to you would be just wonderful.
Use PayPal if you do decide to share and help us with the costs and in appreciation for our time and attention, or alternatively buy a book from our Bookstore..

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