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HTMLfixIT Archive for the ‘Random Feature Sites’ Category

Sunday, February 1st, 2009 by Don

I had a machine go down in my home. It had on-board video and I was fairly sure it was the video card after a bit of testing, poking and prodding. They had a used card for the PCI Express slot, tested it in my machine, blew out the dust and cleaned up my memory cards for me (they had some accumulated dust), and I got out of there for well less than the cost of a new video card, $15. Pretty impressive. It’s good to know someone like them is right around the corner. So go try out Grand Prix Computer if you are in West Michigan.


Sunday, July 20th, 2008 by Franki

It seems that not all of the users of Firefox 3 were previous users of Firefox 2 upgrading to the newer version. Prior to the release of Firefox 3, the Mozilla browser had roughly 48% of our browser marketshare, making it the clear leader. Post Firefox 3 release, our Mozilla Firefox usage is up to nearly 65%. It remains to be seen how this trend shows up on other sites but it’s looking good for Firefox to make up some significant ground overall. We’ll know more not long after the end of July.


Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 by Don

I have not made a favicon for a bit, so I figured I’d whip one up today. I did a quick google search (still my favorite search engine after all these many years) and I found a nice little utility to whip a favicon up. It allows you to download it and the only bad thing about it is that it is all zipped up and you need to unzip it to use it. It worked perfectly for me.

some random favicons

What is a favicon? Well it is a little teenie image that appears to the left of your url in the address bar (three examples above) and then shows under your bookmarks or favorites in many cases.

So who has the best favicon you have ever seen? Drop a comment so we can check them out. They are very limited because really they are simply 32 pixels square and well … that doesn’t leave much room for detail now does it?


Sunday, September 9th, 2007 by Don

Vanessa in Private SettingUnfortunately in our internet age, many peoples’ private lives are publicly exposed. In the present high profile case involving the star or Disney’s High School Musical and High School Musical 2, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, she took the photo shown here along with some in her underwear … and they were released. She has apologized for her actions calling them a lapse in judgment according to People.

Several things strike me:
1. I will have a difficult time explaining to an eight year old (more…)


Friday, August 10th, 2007 by Don

I am a big fan of the Tour de France. I watch it religiously each summer and someday hope to go watch it in person. Are these men, or machines, or doped up combinations? It doesn’t matter I guess as the cheaters eventually get caught if they get to cavalier. I liked Victor, but he is gone and probably forever shamed. What really happened with Floyd Landis (notice that he was never mentioned in this years coverage?). How do you test negative one day, positive the following, and negative the next?

T-Mobile - Germany - Online ScreenshotWell my point is that if you watch the tour, you know T-Mobile and their loud pink colors. So what has this to do with the web? Well I happened to their site today, and oddly enough you get re-directed over to here: Why?

What I liked (I think) or found unusual is the division mouseovers employed at the top. There are six buttons and when you hover, you get a feature. It was smooth, fast and worked well. I am not a big fan of animation and I hate flash immensely! But this seemed smooth and well done, so they are my doped up (or not) featured site of the day.

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Sunday, March 18th, 2007 by Don

This site looks to have some very nice tutorials on css (Cascading Style Sheets), including lists and floats. From a quick look it appears easy to follow as well and written in plain English. I’m putting it on my todo list.

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Saturday, March 10th, 2007 by Don

This is a really great site from a quick review of it. It offers a number of design tips and techniques and actually provides open source web designs that you can obtain and use, as well as encouraging you to share yours with others. I will have to return when I have some more time.

It has been an interesting night as I surf around tonight while in discussions with Reese of Reese Designs. She and I often collaborate on work.


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