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by Don

Vanessa in Private SettingUnfortunately in our internet age, many peoples’ private lives are publicly exposed. In the present high profile case involving the star or Disney’s High School Musical and High School Musical 2, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, she took the photo shown here along with some in her underwear … and they were released. She has apologized for her actions calling them a lapse in judgment according to People.

Several things strike me:
1. I will have a difficult time explaining to an eight year old that this is simply a lapse in judgment. She idolizes this person and her side kick boyfriend Zac Efron and well the entire cast. Sigh, I’ll have to find a way.
2. Neither her official site, nor her official myspace site (which still claims she is 17 when she is now 18) have a single mention of it or an apology. Where did she issue this apology? Her site has the main entry under news as a plug for fashion wear she is hawking. Don’t you think her 487719 friends would want to know that it was a mistake and she is sorry? Or was myspace just a cheap publicity stunt for her?
3. I hope she doesn’t endorse any brand of water other than Dannon, because that is obviously what she likes to drink in private, eh? (compare to the original picture)Vanessa drinks Dannon Brand Water

In any event, this is just the latest example that people need to be careful. In prior times she probably could not have had this picture developed easily and so it probably would never have happened. But today, our youth need to remember that easy to do things can have significant consequences for them.

Disney has decided to forgive her and forge on towards High School Musical 3. Dannon should get on the phone and get her endorsement, after all, when she had nothing (on) she still choose Dannon.

11 Responses to “Ever Wonder What People Do In Private?”

  1. Grace Says:

    This is so sick of her

  2. Just a woman Says:

    I would love to read what you think about others calling people like you prudes (I agree with you, btw).

  3. Terry Says:

    Vanessa is an 18 year old girl, and everyone has something the wish they have not done in their adolescent years. For what ever reason she took the photo, to send to Zac, or maybe just to see herself in a photo, if she did not release it to the public it is not her we should be disappointed in but the people who are exploiting an 18 year old girl. Her Charachter in HSM is great for all people and she is a beautiful talented young women and we should not judge her so quickly or harshly.


  4. Don Says:

    Thanks for the comments. Just a Woman, I don’t mind being a bit of a prude. Just say no concepts seems a little out of the question when you find out pictures like this are being sent. It kind of reminds me of when Britney was claiming celibacy when few thought it likely …

    Terry, I don’t read my post as particularly judgmental. I agree someone did take advantage when they got the pictures. That has yet to be explained. She is not a “normal” 18 year old. She is an 18 year old with handlers, money and a significant role in forming minds of young people. But also I mention that this is cause for every 18, 17, 16, 15, 14 … etc. … year old to think twice before snapping with a digital camera.

    Does it make her a bad person? Of course not.

  5. rachel Says:

    i always hated her, but i still thought she was a good role model – untill now! what a slut! kids these days realy need some good role models out there and theres not many right now…

  6. Princesscha Says:

    Can all of you think that this photo may be edit by someone by using some of computer software? I don’t believe that Vanessa will do such a non sense thing! In these days, there are many cases like this esp in Indonesia ( I live in Indonesia). But I don’t think that only happen in Indonesia only but may be in every Country does. Can every people that read this comment email me at I want to discuss more about Vanessa’s behaviour that you think that she will do such a stupid thing…

  7. PrincessCha Says:

    after receiving some various emails and constant talks/replies with other people, i have come to a conclusion.
    The photo is not edited. Some people who have contacted me are into photoshop and some are experts in the field of photography and photo editting. They have analyzed that it is true but the Dannon drinking water is fake. How could it be so.. big? it is a fake. Franki, can you send me the uncensored photos of vanessa? i would like to take a step further in analyzing them. email me at thanks for supporting me in this.

    [Editors note: Sigh of course the one picture has an enlarged Dannon bottle in it. Look in the photo above and it is the original Dannon bottle. We were trying to make a point, however humorous by enlarging it and shifting your focus elsewhere. It turns out that Dannon is a major sponsor of HS Musical 2 by the way. The pictures have been acknowledged by her so why keep examining them. Of course we won’t be forwarding the un-retouched photo to anyone, sorry.]

  8. anonymous Says:

    i think that just because she is famous, everyone makes such a big deal out of it. she wanted to send private pics to her boyfriend.. as if you havent ever come across something like that before. it is unfair of us to judge when due to this unlucky event, the perverted press got hold of the pictures and plastered them everywhere. sure she is famous and is a role model, but what she does in private should be none of our business.

  9. bob Says:

    i wish it showed her nipples

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