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HTMLfixIT Archive for September, 2007

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 by Don

I happened on yesterday.

I really liked a couple of things I took the time to look at:
1. Fall Colors: I have always loved the richness of Autumn Colors. I have brought leaves into the house and stolen/copied their colors before. This site does it well and both the article and readers responses suggest some great color palettes.
2. The history of color: why are things that color? Why is a true blue American … blue? Why do you use an old yellow ribbon on your oak tree?

Here is a site I think I’ll visit again.

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Saturday, September 15th, 2007 by Don

Our stats show this today (9/15/2007):
OS Statistics
Windows Vista 7.5%
Windows 2003 1.16%
Windows XP 71.6%
Windows 2000 3.2
Windows NT4 0.03%
Windows 98/ME 0.88%
Windows 95 0.26%
Linux/UNIX/BSD 6.34%
Mac OSX 7.41%
Mac Classic 0.02%
Misc 1.5%

Seventy one percent are using XP — seven percent are on Vista, most because they had to buy a computer with it on it I suspect. After six months the move isn’t happening. I would be tempted to buy XP if I had to buy a computer with Vista on it. I did buy one with Vista and I hate it. Slow and cannot run things. Cannot find drivers. My son just bought a new laptop and he went out of his way to find one with XP on it. The only person I know who loves Vista is … well actually I don’t know any come to think of it.

Is there something you really like about Vista that I should know about?


Saturday, September 15th, 2007 by Gary

I have a real problem with cheap CD / DVD cases! You know the kind? The ones manufactured and distributed by Bastards Inc.

There are two models in the Bastards Inc. range: Too Loose, and Too Tight.

The Too Loose model seems to apply more to DVD cases than CDs. This is the one where the plastic case is a little soft and flexible, with a little movement allowing the “core” (that holds the disc in place) to release. Then the disc is free to move around the case as it pleases during shipping, rubbing and scratching itself against the core and other molded parts of the box. A DVD shipped half way across the world from Amazon to my mailbox tends to move around a bit. Bonus points for Bastards Inc. if there are two discs and both manage to move around freely. The grand finale occurs when the recipient doesn’t expect the discs to be loose, opens the case on their birthday, and the discs hit the floor.


Monday, September 10th, 2007 by Franki

Those of us that have used Firefox for a long time have known it was going to be big. It has taken the rest of the world some time, but according to ITwire, (who have it from Janco), show that IE usage has dropped 10% down to 63.9 and Firefox has risen to 17.4%.

Fantastic news for those of us who want an open standards compliant Internet. Plus Firefox is just cool. 🙂
There are some other tidbits in the ITWire article, so have a read.


Sunday, September 9th, 2007 by Don

Vanessa in Private SettingUnfortunately in our internet age, many peoples’ private lives are publicly exposed. In the present high profile case involving the star or Disney’s High School Musical and High School Musical 2, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, she took the photo shown here along with some in her underwear … and they were released. She has apologized for her actions calling them a lapse in judgment according to People.

Several things strike me:
1. I will have a difficult time explaining to an eight year old (more…)


Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 by Don

I found a great article from a guy whose work I have liked and used on several occaisions over the life of WordPress. Once again Meall Dubh explains clearly how to use the built in power of WordPress to pull RSS feeds in.

His code has one typo in the following line:
echo "<li><a xhref=$href>$title</a><br />$description</li>";

Should actually be minus the x or you won’t have good links:
echo "<li><a href=$href>$title</a><br />$description</li>";

Further his code included the description from the feed. In my case I found it helpful to delete that part of the code:
$description = $item['description']; and just use the title and url link.

I was working this up to a widget when I visit a newer install and find that there is an rss feed built into the sidebar widgets. It would appear the lifting is already done, although again I may wish to go modify it.

See it in action at (about Michigan Divorce, Custody, Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation) where the site pulls in the last five posts from (about the lighter side of marriage, divorce, human relationships and children) and displays them in the right sidebar.


Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 by Franki

In a tough fought battle, the Microsoft OpenXML file format failed to become an ISO standard. This is only a temporary issue because they get another chance at the plate early next year and they are likely to succeed when that happens.

Why is that bad you ask? Well in short, Microsoft Office is really very expensive and the full kit really only runs on Microsoft software. (Mac users tell me the Mac version of MS Office is decidedly inferior) So if Microsoft’s file format is a standard, (that doesn’t mean it is patent or royalty free) Microsoft will stick with that format as the default while dismissing the ODF format that already is a standard and which is royalty free and totally open.

They don’t want to support ODF as their default format, and the reason is that to do so would put them on a level pegging with other Office suites and they would lose $$$ as a result because it wouldn’t matter what office suite you used, your documents would be the same. Because Microsoft are far and away the office suite market share leaders, and because they know people are concerned about being compatible and able to open others office files, they will stick with the market leader as a result. Meaning Microsoft continues to make big dollars on MS Office.

We don’t know if free and open source office suites will have unencumbered royalty free access to Microsofts format either, that remains to be seen. But either way, if OpenXML becomes an ISO standard, it will mean that Microsoft will get to carry on charging crazy amounts of money for MS Office and people will go on paying it to ensure compatibility with those they share documents with.

To do your part to stop this, regardless of where you are, right to your pollies and let them know that a vote for OpenXML may have consequences for their own vote count at the next election. Also it might pay to stay up to date by visiting and/or Groklaw.

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