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by Don

Our stats show this today (9/15/2007):
OS Statistics
Windows Vista 7.5%
Windows 2003 1.16%
Windows XP 71.6%
Windows 2000 3.2
Windows NT4 0.03%
Windows 98/ME 0.88%
Windows 95 0.26%
Linux/UNIX/BSD 6.34%
Mac OSX 7.41%
Mac Classic 0.02%
Misc 1.5%

Seventy one percent are using XP — seven percent are on Vista, most because they had to buy a computer with it on it I suspect. After six months the move isn’t happening. I would be tempted to buy XP if I had to buy a computer with Vista on it. I did buy one with Vista and I hate it. Slow and cannot run things. Cannot find drivers. My son just bought a new laptop and he went out of his way to find one with XP on it. The only person I know who loves Vista is … well actually I don’t know any come to think of it.

Is there something you really like about Vista that I should know about?

15 Responses to “Vista Not Being Adopted”

  1. Matt Says:

    Call me weird, but I just upgraded to vista willingly.

    Why do I like it? Because I am SO DAMN sick of XP!!

  2. Paul Says:

    I like you matt … I wanted a change.

    I’ve had a few minor problems, but overall the changeover has been positive.

    I like the Windows Media Centre that is part of Home Premium.

    The new search functions are also very slick.

  3. John Says:

    I bought a new machine that had Vista on it. I didn’t like it, as the constant UAC prompts were a pain, the USB support is really flaky, and lots of stuff doesn’t run on it. I ended up buying VMWare Workstation and converting my old XP system to run as a VM under Vista (my old machine’s hard drive and power supply was going bad which is why I bought a new machine).

  4. Simon Rickaby Says:

    I bought Vista as part of a new PC a couple of months ago and hate it with a passion. So much so that I’ve moved across to Ubuntu. Although the front end of Ubuntu looks like it was designed by a brick layer and there are still a few technical issues that I haven’t resolved, I doubt that I will be going back to Vista. e.g to start Vista and then view my e-mails in Outlook: 5 mins 20 secs. To do the same thing with Ubuntu and Evolution 40 secs.

  5. Franki Says:

    I work in IT support at an Australian Uni and the consensus seems to be, that we will adopt Vista when we are forced to. We can safely say that is definitely after SP1 is released. (Actually, we are now looking at holding off to see what the replacement to Vista is like. (due 2009/10)

    Anyone with Vista would be very impressed with the massive speed boost one gets from going back to XP. I’ve helped a lot of people with Vista problems, and when asked for purchasing advice I tell people to get XP if at all possible.

    I have a NEC laptop which dual boots between XP and CENTOS5, and the compiz 3d desktop on CENTOS works fantastic on what is really a marginal machine. (Centrino 1.6 with 64mb Intel extreme graphics). Vista wouldn’t even load Aero on that. And yet looking at Aero, it isn’t really superior, just alittle more polished.

    That just goes to show that openGL can still hold its own when it needs to and that DirectX is getting much like all their software eventually gets. (bloated)

    2000 and XPsp2 are the best OS’s that MS has ever made, including Vista. Since Vista doesn’t actually make you more efficient or productive, and in fact is slower at most things and full of DRM, I’m not at all surprised that the only people converting are those that get it with their PC.

    My niece called me yesterday, she and her boyfriend bought a brand new laptop with Vista and a copy of “certified for Vista” Trend Micro. They loaded on the software and now Vista won’t run in anything other than safe mode.

    She asked me what to do about it. I said: “Go back to the vendor and ask him if your Vista license allows you to run XP. If so, bring it here and I’ll load it on for you.”

  6. Franki Says:

    Oh, forgot to mention, any hardware that rocks up at the Uni with Vista installed gets an official downgrade to XP. We have done it with quiet a few laptops and they are always more responsive afterwards. (less problematic as well).

  7. Gary Says:

    Everything above makes good sense. But it is important to remember the scope of the statistics Don mentions: visitors to this site.

    Given that HTMLfixIT visitors are generally people with an interest in web design, maybe Linux, or a sniff of IT stuff, it’s really no surprise that Vista users aren’t big in numbers here.

    I’m thinking that the stats from HTMLfixIT visitors are probably skewed away from Vista and IE, and skewed towards Linux, Firefox, and high screen resolutions. I’ll bet MySpace stats would tell a vastly different story.

    All of that said, some great stats amongst the users that really count, right? ;o)

  8. James Says:

    I like Vista because It ain’t on my system.

    I use Ubuntu … Not perfect but darn near to it. It gave me the change I wanted so badly, it is user friendly, it is free, and I have Windows XP also, fir some of the restricted sites.

  9. Vista Not Being Adopted Says:

    […] This is the cached version of We are neither affiliated with the authors of this page nor responsible for its content. Vista Not Being Adopted […]

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