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HTMLfixIT Archive for January, 2006

Friday, January 13th, 2006 by Don

Today in my wanderings I came upon the site Creative Component dot Com. I have to tell the truth here (and this might serve me well if I get to other sites the same way at some point that are less credible) and admit I have no idea how I came to be here. It was open in a tab … It immediately grabbed my eye. It is vibrant. The leading article at the time I arrived to this blog style site was about a Moose Taking a Bath … so between the vibrant color and the unusual topic featured near the top, I decided that I should have a bit of a hunt around the site.

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Friday, January 13th, 2006 by Don

This is a nice feature. This Firefox extension called View Rendered Source Chart will graphically show you sections of defined code in a web page. Really an advanced form of syntax highlighting or intellegent indenting might be a way to think of this extension. See the screenshots on the extension page or over here where the history of the extension is laid out in great detail to demonstrate how well maintained the extension is.

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Friday, January 13th, 2006 by Don

According to this article at C-Net, Microsoft is pushing hard to bring the small business user into a Web 2.0 umbrella where services are hosted on-line via Microsoft Servers. I think that many clients and customers will find this type of thing a welcome addition, much like consumers embrace Flickr, for example. Of course the issue will be uptime and security — two things the masters of the blue screen seem to sometimes struggle with. It will be interesting to watch it play out.

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Thursday, January 5th, 2006 by Don

The teams put their unbeaten strings on the line. Thirty four straight for the Trojans to nineteen for the Longhorns. The game is great thus far in the third quarter. Lead changes are plenty. Exciting play on the field. But lets talk about something serious: who has the better cheerleaders? The Horns like Jessica or the Trojans ladies?

Great game but who cares who wins it? Texas does. Final 41 to 38.

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Thursday, January 5th, 2006 by Don

One of the most overlooked aspects of web page authoring is the title html tag. This tag is important because it does each of these things:

  • displays on the application bar
  • is the text shown in a bookmark of the page
  • may assist in finding it in a search engine because it displays in most cases
  • may be given key priority in search engine keyword searches if it matches page content

There is a good article on how to write good title tags here.

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 by Don

The two winningest active coaches (359 Bowden to 354 Paterno) after the game play on vicariously through their young athletes. A missed field goal by a freshman kicker with only seconds to go put an end to the possible regulation win by Penn State. It has been a great defensive battle thus far.

It will all take place in the Florida State end zone because Penn State won the toss and decided to defend so that they know what they will need to do. Each team gets the ball with alternating possessions from the 25 yard line. Beginning on the third possession you MUST for a two point (run or pass) conversion.

I’ll put any details or thoughts on the overtime here:
Florida on Offense —
Screen Pass 9 yards.
First down with three additional yard (his ninth carry tonight for a total of six yards)
Handoff, loss of yards, 2nd and 13
Weatherford scrambles, holding on Florida State, their 13th penalty that was accepted.
Replay 2nd down from the 28
Pass to the corner of the end zone, nearly intercepted … fantastic defense
Incomplete pass to same sideline in the end zone …
Florida State will have to try to kick.
No good from 44 yards, drifted to the right ….

Penn State can now do a chip shot to win and capture the win.
Florida State’s freshman quarterback should probably have gone for a first down instead on that play.

Penn State football on offense —
run on first down, 2 yards, 2nd and 8
quarterback draw fails to gain much yardage for Penn State, 3rd and 7
another draw to the center of the field … how imaginative
Here comes redemption if the freshman kicker can put this one through.
Florida State takes a time out to let them think about it.

Penn State is praying, from 38, wide left … “the game goes on”

Bobby Bowden actually thinks they made it from his angle and was on his way to congratulate Joe … not so fast Bobby, more coaching to do, even if it is past my bedtime.

Funny credit card advertisement on … Simplicity Card … making fun of how you have to talk words into the phone to get anywhere these days instead of just calling and talking to a person. Trust me that hit home as I did it with Paypal yesterday and the guy says, “oh, I guess the site is broken, engineers are working on it”. Twenty minutes for that.

Here we go, second overtime. Does Penn State have another kicker to go to soon? This guy looks like he so wants to cry.

Penn State on Offense —
first down completion 6 yards
second down into the end zone, narrow miss
third and four, pass, to the two yard line on a completion, Kilmer on a crossing route
Penn State to the one on the right hash mark now.
2nd down pitch, Austin Scott Scores! His first touchdown of the year.
Can the kicker make the play? No problem Kelly for a point, 23-16

Florida State on Offense, up the middle, Fla State, first down to the 15.
Complete to the 1.5 yard line on a jump ball to the corner. Carr connects on the catch.
First and goal. Sneak, still on the one.
A fumble could end it all …. but it is four down territory. 2nd and goal on the two.
Touchdown BJ Dean … an extra point away from overtime number three and I need to go to the bathroom …
should I go or wait? Lets take a vote. 23-23 on the scoreboard.

Now mandatory two point conversions. Unless it is field goals, kickers can relax, or can they?

Four hours and 26 minutes into the game … Overtime number three.

Florida State ball, Weatherford for 5.
He is now limping a little. But he’ll be fine.
24 completions on 41 attempts. 26 rushes for 26 yards. Pass ruled incomplete. It was a catch, but he bobbles when he hits the ground, good call. Being reviewed however. It won’t be overruled. Fortunately they appear to have learned from the Michigan, Nebraska game. Play upheld on review. 83 Penn State plays so far, that should favor their defense. Here comes a 38 yard field goal attempt.
Yikes, Gary Cismesia bounces it off the right upright. One kicker goes right the other goes left.

Third chance at redemption for the Penn State Kicker, or will the senior quarterback get it done. Imaginative (NOT) play call loses a yard.
Screen pass for 9 yards, 3rd and one.
Kicker is on the field. Paterno is going for it, kick in case of a bad snap.
On the right hash. And the kicker goes back to the sideline.
Offense back on the field. Unbelievable with a struggling kicker and two plays to make two yards. Go for the first down Joe Paterno.
Good decision Joe, Robinson keeps for a first down on a right sweep. A Florida State player is down. either cramps (hot night or a knee). Time to stay hydrated, because who knows how long this thing might go …

First and 10 from the 13, Austin Scott for one yard and another Florida State player goes down on this the 87th play for their defense.
2nd and nine. 29 yard field goal attempt form the right hash, game over, Penn State finally wins, 26 to 23.

“The season of renovation ends with exhilaration.” Did they dream that up, or do they have writers? Congratulations to Penn State!

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 by Don

What a great matchup, but that will not be the headline will it. The grandpa bowl between Joe Patterno and Bobby Bowden … the freshman kicked it wide left. What will happen in overtime? We will now fine out.

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