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HTMLfixIT is a help, news and opinion site for anything Internet or web design related. We welcome and encourage you to make yourself at home and make use of the tools, tutorials, forum and chatroom.
HTMLfixIT is designed to be fast and efficient rather than image-laden and pretty. That way we can provide you with the information you want without wasting either your bandwidth or our own.

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November 30th, 2008 by Don

I recently decided to create a quick and dirty php form to insert data into a mySQL data base. It seems simple enough of course (and I’ve done it hundreds of times). As with all programming issues, something goes wrong and it’s simple and yet you stare at it for hours! (That’s an exaggeration, its only been ten minutes 😉 but it sounds better that way).

So here are the steps I followed:
1. I created a database using php my admin and then created a table in it:
CREATE TABLE `databasename`.`tablename` (
`title` VARCHAR( 100 ) NULL ,

I have already caused my own problem … but I don’t know it yet. Can you spot the problem? Read on to find the answer! Read the rest of this entry »

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November 28th, 2005 by Gary

A new site of mine Storm Trumpets is receiving some attention for the expanding / collapsing site menu. Visit the site and click on the menu items “Trumpets” and “Trombones” to see the menu in action. It creates the illusion of movement as if driven by DHTML or JavaScript, however to the contrary it works in CSS and is really quite simple. I have been asked to explain how it works, so thought I would provide a brief tutorial for it here.
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May 30th, 2005 by Franki

According to the latest update to w3schools browser statistics, Firefox has climbed to 25% of the browser market and Internet Explorer 5/6 has dropped to 64.8%. W3schools is a very popular site with web developers and has shown Firefox increasing and Internet Explorer decreasing since before Firefox hit version 1.0 (although they classed it as just Mozilla back then). If you add the full Mozilla suite’s market share to that of Firefox, then the Mozilla browsers are just under 30% market share now. We’ve been following W3schools statistics for some time now and the Firefox trend has been continuing at a more or less stable rate since before Firefox was added to their statistics.

Not a bad effort considering that in January last year IE accounted for 84.1% of the browsers. The amazing thing about Firefox’s market share isn’t just that it keeps on growing, it is that it is still growing despite competing against a web browser that comes included with Windows. People don’t have to “get” Internet Explorer, it is the default browser for Windows. To use Firefox, they have to get, install and most importantly use it, and the fact that so many are doing so is nothing short of amazing. It is one thing to hear that 60 million people have downloaded Firefox, it sounds impressive and looks good in news articles, but it’s quite another to see popular sites the world over reporting that Firefox is actually being used by a large number of those people. The Mozilla organization is non-profit, they give their products away for free and they don’t have an advertising budget as such and any efforts in that regard are based on user donations and word of mouth. To compete against a company that spends as much on Marketing as Microsoft is quite an achievement also.

Sites like W3schools (and HTMLfixIT as well for that matter) are tech sites, meaning most of their visitors are interested in or work for the tech industry in some capacity. Internet Explorer has much higher market share overall, but the tech users are good early warning indicators for what the rest of the users will be doing in a year so so. HTMLfixIT’s own statistics (which you can see in the box to the right of this article.) are showing even higher Firefox usage (nearly 40%) and past experience has shown that our statistics are at least a year ahead of the non tech users trend wise. It is good to know that ordinary people can still make a difference on the Internet.

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April 11th, 2005 by Franki

W3schools has updated their website browser statistics, and the good news is that Firefox has jumped up another 2% in the past month to just a tiny bit less then 24 percent of their overall visitors. The 2% seems to have primarily come at the cost of Internet Explorer 5 and 6. At HTMLfixIT we have shown a similar increase in Firefox usage in the past month, which in our case brings Firefox up to 38.68% and Internet Explorer 5 and 6 down to 49.8%. Internet Explorer still has the lead, but it is closing rapidly. Of course both of these websites are targeted to tech related subjects, so naturally these percentages would be much lower for the general population, but it is still significant growth and indicative that the reports of Firefox only being used by early adopters is false logic. (especially when you consider that Firefox itself has been downloaded 40 million times now.) Even if you don’t use Firefox and have no plans to try, you should consider this a good thing because if there is only one browser, there is only one choice, and the Internet standards would then be at the whim of a convicted monopolist. Choice is a good thing, we should encourage it, particularly as web developers. (To see HTMLfixIt’s browser statistics, look down the right hand side of the page you are reading.)

INSERT: As of today (12th April) Firefox is just a tad under 45 million downloads. Further proof that this isn’t just a gimmick but true sustainable growth.

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March 1st, 2005 by Franki

Recently both Websidestory and Onestat released their findings that although Firefox usage was still growing, it’s uptake was slowing down a little. I don’t believe that is the full story and I’m about to tell you why. The first thing to keep in mind, is that Onestat collect their statistics from users of their various online counter offerings. Websidestory apparently get their statistics from several big sites like Disney, Sony, Best Buy and Liz Claiborne.

The problem is is that both of these methods miss a crucial (vast) and growing Internet population, namely the power users. In the case of Onestat with their online counter systems, the problem is that generally only two types of clients use this type of service, newbies and occasionally businesses. In the case of Websidestory, the big sites they monitor are not those likely to be those visited by power Internet users, if you are one yourself, do you remember the last time you visited Disney or Liz Clairborne?

That skips a vast portion of the Internet’s users, namely the techies and power users. These guys know what they want online, they know where to go, and a vastly higher number of them use the Firefox web browser. The Internet’s users are slowly becoming more knowledgeable then they once were, and this group of power users are growing all the time. Experienced Web developers are likely to be using their own log file analysers for statistics and for those without log file access, counters like our own statistical counter that serve the same purpose. The only places I really see remote hit counters is on newbie web pages and free blog services (the exact places where one expects people to be using the default browser that came with their computer.)

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January 5th, 2005 by Don

Beginning in January of 2005, Firefox has been added to WC3 Web Browser Statistics. We have been seeing the growing trend for quite some time now and this is a big step forward for the Firefox movement. Mainstream has been achieved and it already surpasses all Netscape and Mozilla browsers.

Don’t be left out in the cold unsecure world of Internet Explo(der), get your copy of Firefox Browser today and see why all the growth! It is free.

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November 24th, 2004 by Franki

The Inquirer has a story here, detailing that the Epox website has found that a massive 16 percent of it’s visitors are now using Mozilla Firefox. You can see the Epox stats here. They are not the only ones noticing a dramatic shift to Mozilla and Firefox, W3schools stats show that Mozilla usage has jumped by over 11% (to 18.6%) since this time last year, and HTMLfixit’s stats show that Firefox users make up nearly 25% of our visitors (which might be because I’ve converted many of the regular visitors by constantly going on about it. 🙂

So there you have it, most of the tech knowledgeable people are swapping to Firefox, that should tell you something folks.


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