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by Franki

What a great couple of months for Linux it has been. First Dell jump on the desktop Linux bandwagon, then Lenovo
, then Google buys into the Open Invention Network which among other things will help protect Linux from Patent claims, and now Novel has won their copyright case against SCO which mostly invalidates SCO’s other outstanding cases against both IBM and Linux users. The case was more about Unix than it was about Linux, but it would have affected Linux in a significant way had the ruling gone otherwise. As it stands now, Unix ownership has been cleared up and a great many people heard about Linux because of the case, so other than the money wasted on lawyers, the result for Linux has been positive.

So SCO will now owe big time money to Novell for Microsoft and Sun Unix licenses, the end result of which is that they will probably become insolvent and Darl Mcbride and co can be remembered only for their greed and dishonorable and possibly dishonest behavior. It will also be interesting to hear Maureen O’Gara’s take on things since many have the impression that she was in SCO’s pocket from the start and her articles certainly gave the impression that her sympathies lay with SCO. I guess she will either claim the ruling was wrong, or that the judge was bought or some other such nonsense. Hopefully she will just disappear now that people must realize that she has nothing relevant to add and a good deal of what she has said was utter dishonorable rubbish.

Incidentally, as you might imagine, Novell seem pretty happy with the result also.

8 Responses to “All over for SCO in Novell case.”

  1. Your 3rd Grade Teacher Says:

    Hello… spelling? Grammar? The English language? “allot” is not a word.

  2. Franki Says:

    Are you absolutely sure about that? Not a word in any version of English? I’m in Australia, using an Australian dictionary spell checker and it didn’t flag allot as a mistake.

  3. illoki Says:

    –verb (used with object), -lot·ted, -lot·ting.
    1. to divide or distribute by share or portion; distribute or parcel out; apportion: to allot the available farmland among the settlers.
    2. to appropriate for a special purpose: to allot money for a park.
    3. to assign as a portion; set apart; dedicate.

  4. Franki Says:

    This is pretty funny really, the story is about an excellent result for Linux/Novell/IBM and here we are discussing what is probably one of the least important words on the page.

    Fine, I’ll change it. 🙂

  5. Your 3rd Grade Teacher Says Says:

    I apologize for being an idiot.

  6. STV Says:

    Fantabulous GNU’s!!! Anyway you want to spell it.!!!

    Very little doubt about the outcome, but it is nice to see it chiseled in stone.

  7. Hawkeyeaz1 Says:

    Don’t forget about the AutoZone lawsuit, that will be tossed too (and SCO is likely to have to pay all legal bills there)!

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