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by Don

When we do web design, many of our clients at first insist that hold on until we roll the finished project out the door. I often encourage them to put up a business card or brochure website immediately for one simple reason: it gets the search engine going faster. When they finally roll their brand new site off the disc and onto the server, they are surprised (even though we told them) that they cannot find their site in google. Don’t be surprised, it takes a few days to even a few weeks before you can start to see the site — and if you are in a jammed search term category, perhaps longer to see it do well on terms that are important.

Until you are on the web, they cannot find you, so get the brochure site up even if it is temporary. It will still help people find you. Do you need a temporary site to get you started? Give us an email and we’d be happy to help you. We can usually put up a placeholder site within a day or two using existing printed materials that you have.

Currently I am working on They have an interesting business. I toured it the other day. They are big into lean manufacturing as a culture. Everything in the entire place had a place and a purpose — no wasted movement is one of their key things as I understand it. They make tiny tiny little metal and plastic parts and once they get a run set up, they are able to simply leave and run the project “lights out” as they called it. I was quite impressed. If you need something small manufactured, I would encourage you to call them. I reference them because we have in fact convinced them to do just that, put up the site with some limited content in the interim while we work on the finished product.

4 Responses to “Benefit of a Brochure Site”

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    They are an easy but effective way to aim for a specific collectionof persons. This process is especially valuable for local industries or small outlets. They offer a simple method to receive info. After a long day in front ofa PC/laptop, many people are possibly more likely to consider through abrochure than pay consideration to advertisements on the internet.

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