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by Franki

Sophos have released their “top ten” most widespread virus list for the first six months of this year. The top ten looks like this:

1. Sasser
2. NetSky-P
3. NetSky-B
4. NetSky-D
5. MyDoom-A
6. Zafi-B
7. NetSky-Z
8. NetSky-C
9. Sober-C
10. Bagle-A

Interestingly enough, the worst of the worst look like having all been written by the same guy, a teenager from Germany has confessed to writing the Sasser and Netsky variants. Read the top ten yourself at: Sophos. It should be noted, that every single one of the top ten, (and I suspect the top 1,000 of someone cared to compile such a list) are Windows only, Mac and Linux are unaffected by any of them.

In other news, Microsoft has gotten around to a patch for last months download.ject security flaw in Internet Explorer. The patch is said to be ‘imminent’ but it appears that nobody is really sure what that means. Read more at The Register.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you’re not using Firefox or Opera (or any other non IE browser) by now, and you consider yourself a knowledgeable user, then you pretty much deserve to get hit by the next exploit, there have been dozens of them in the last year, so if you aren’t expecting another one sometime soon, you have your head in the sand.



5 Responses to “Top Virus list and IE patch to be released.”

  1. Tony Says:

    Franki, the comments “you pretty much deserve to get hit by the next exploit”made my blood boil. For me this is the same notion as being accused of stupidity because you were not wearing a bright orange safety vest when a marauder in a car seeking victims deliberately hit you in his car.

    If fault through ignorence can be attributed it has to be to Microsoft which is immensely rich through providing half-baked software and then when it can’t fix it..or decides on some bright new software…or wants to ensure a new slab of trillions coming in…turning out a new rat’s nest to “cure-as-you-go” at a further cost of billions to end users for repairs.

    I admire the EU for taking it to the cleaners over monopoly…maybe it doesn’t help microsoft’s pathetic quality and/or lack of quality assurance after so many years with “the world’s best designers” but it says “you are not the ruler of the world”. Just to remember the damage done by millenium sends me into the foetal position. Computer-clever boys, which I suppose you might also deserve to be called might even go so far as to admire hackers for showing up weaknesses…but if there were no hackers the weaknesses wouldn’t matter and if there were no weaknesses the hackers wouldn’t matter. The fact is that computers and software suffer so many problems that those of us who just want our computer to work..maybe even do a simple job like “send all my emails to this address” just want them to work reliably. Hackers and scamsters have caused massive problems for me (as just one)…..People claim they cannot be found…which to me means very little science is put into it because operating systems could be designed to restrict and identify hackers. After the dramas and the efforts and the excessively commercial pain in the neck places like Yahoo have become just using these sites is stressful enough without being scammed through their email system…eg its format now is geared to in your face advertising with annoying flickering adverts plugged into your news and videos you choose are often not the ones you get but something Yahoo wants to advertise.These money makers can’t locate and destroy hackers?…I don’t accept that.It makes no sense.

    Some of us “dummies” put a lot of grief and time and money into paying experts and “anti -viral” software manufacturers plugging up the holes, bad design and vulnerability of microsoft’s gear and don’t see why we should be called “pretty much deserving” because we are not buzzing in our heads with computers as our intelligence focus.

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also by sophos.

17 Apr 2011 Troj/Mdrop-DKE
17 Apr 2011 Troj/Sasfis-O
17 Apr 2011 Troj/Keygen-FU
17 Apr 2011 Troj/Zbot-AOY
17 Apr 2011 Troj/Zbot-AOW
17 Apr 2011 W32/Womble-E
17 Apr 2011 Troj/VB-FGD
17 Apr 2011 Troj/FakeAV-DFF
17 Apr 2011 Troj/SWFLdr-W
17 Apr 2011 W32/RorpiaMem-A

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