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by Franki

Recently, Sony released the latest update for the PS3’s firmware. It’s been a while so I was excited to see what new features we’d have that would improve its useability. In particular I was hoping for an improved web browsing experiance because currently the system is quite cumbersome to use.

What did I get new from this update? In short, nothing that I can find. It’s all about Sony this one. They made me download a couple of hundred MB of update simply so they could remove the option to install Linux from my PS3. Since that was a point of advertising when I bought it, I feel that they have breached their contract of sale with me by not providing what they advertised.

Other than removing that option, there was nothing I could see about 3d related updates or UI improvements anywhere else. If you are going to remove something from users that you previously sold to them Sony, you should at least make an effort to give something back. Improved useability in browsing using the bluetooth remote would be nice. Or being able to navigate the menu’s using a bluetooth keyboards arrow keys would be likewise helpful. How about some tie in between the new Xperia X10 and the PS3? There are so many things that you could have done to soften this blow that I am left wondering if you people will ever learn that the reason for your lost sales in TV’s and other lines is because you just don’t seem to listen to or think about the user experiance and impressions of your own customers. The PS3 is definately superior in value to the Xbox 360, the included Blueray drive, included wireless, superior CPU power, wireless 6 axis motion controller and bigger hard disks make it fantastic value for the price they now are. The reason you are not in front is simply bad PR and marketing of which this is just another example.

Releasing an update that is basically a downgrade in functionality is bad PR Sony. I don’t think you can’t afford more bad PR at this point.

Update: I just notice that the playstation site says this about the update:

This system software update includes all features contained in previous versions.

This is obviously not correct as they have removed the default system and other OS options. It’s a small thing but I’m feeling rather petty about it right now.

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