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by Franki

Just a thought for the day. In the old days, when you bought a book, you read it, then maybe you loaned it to some friends to read, then perhaps you sold or swapped it for another.

With E-books, the price is not that different from the physical book, but you are not supposed to loan it and it turns out you can’t sell it either.

Ditto with digital music and movies.

Except for the whole piracy thing, (which as it turns out may actually help sales.) content producers (not artists or authors, but rather production companies, recording companies and publishers) must be in a delirium of joy. Finally they are able to take away rights that physical goods provided, while not really needing to discount those goods. That is in addition to the fact that they no longer need to pay printers, distributors and physical media costs.

Worth keeping that in mind next time you hear them bleating about piracy stealing their livelihood. I’ll bet little if any of the money they are saving actually make it back to the artists who actually generated the content.


545 Responses to “Digital media is removing your rights.”

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