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by Franki

Apparently Windows running on a Xeon Server, (about the cheapest Intel server you can buy that isn’t based on a desktop machine) is cheaper to buy and run then Linux on an IBM mainframe. (probably one of the most expensive servers you can buy.)

Now, put your hand up if you believe after reading this that it means that Windows is cheaper then Linux. (If your hand is up right now and you don’t do marketing for Microsoft, turn off your PC, and check yourself into a clinic, because you need help.)

The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, have agreed that Microsoft’s advertisement comparing Windows on a Xeon server to Linux on an IBM mainframe isn’t exactly a fair comparison and have labeled it potentially misleading advertising. (I’ve always found the poms penchant for understatement curious.)

Microsoft’s ad concluded after comparing the mainframe to the Xeon server that: “Linux was found to be over 10 times more expensive than Windows Servers”.
Curiously a z900 mainframe is somewhere in the vicinity of $300,000-400,000 USD and a Xeon box can be had for about $5000-10,000 USD. Does that seem like an odd comparison to anyone else?

Now, put your hand up if you think you’ll be believing any more of Microsoft’s “Get the facts” (Get the FUD) advertisements about how Windows is cheaper then Linux? (if you have your hand up right now, take it down and stick your head back in the sand.)

Think about this for a moment. If Microsoft has to resort to comparisons of this nature, what does that say about their claim that Windows is better or cheaper? Surely if they really thought that was the case, they would make fair comparisons of like product. To this date I am not aware of any such comparisons.

You can read about the story in more detail at The Inquirer.

In other news, Microsoft, along with Time Warner are being investigated by the European Commission due to their joint ownership of the DRM company “ContentGuard” the EC is interested, because the deal goes a long way towards making Microsoft a monopoly in the DRM industry. You can read about that one at The Register or at

Also you may wish to read Microsoft’s explanation here, although dismissal is a more appropriate term in this case.



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