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by Don

I regularly have to create target splits for a five kilometer (5K or 5,000 Meter) race. This clip creates even mile splits based upon a target finish time.

; by don at
; with help from the clips list
; at
;get goal time
^!Set %goal_time%=^?[Goal Time (xx:xx)]

;split goal time to minutes/seconds
^!SetListDelimiter :
^!SetArray %time%=^%goal_time%

;convert minutes to seconds
^!Set %time_seconds%=^$Calc((^%time1%*(60))+^%time2%)$

;calculate seconds per mile
^!Set %seconds_per_mile%=^$Calc(^%time_seconds%/3.107)$

;do math on seconds per mile
;to get minutes and seconds
;one mile
^!Set %minutes_per_mile_target%=^$Calc(FLOOR(^%seconds_per_mile%/60))$
^!If ^$StrSize("^%minutes_per_mile_target%")$=1 ^!Set %minutes_per_mile_target%=0^%minutes_per_mile_target%
^!Set %seconds_per_mile_target%=^$Calc(^%seconds_per_mile%-(^%minutes_per_mile_target%*60);1)$
^!If ^$StrSize("^%seconds_per_mile_target%")$=3 ^!Set %seconds_per_mile_target%=0^%seconds_per_mile_target%

;two miles
^!Set %minutes_per_2mile_target%=^$Calc(FLOOR((^%seconds_per_mile%*2)/60))$
^!If ^$StrSize("^%minutes_per_2mile_target%")$=1 ^!Set %minutes_per_2mile_target%=0^%minutes_per_2mile_target%
^!Set %seconds_per_2mile_target%=^$Calc((^%seconds_per_mile%*2)-(^%minutes_per_2mile_target%*60);1)$
^!If ^$StrSize("^%seconds_per_2mile_target%")$=3 ^!Set %seconds_per_2mile_target%=0^%seconds_per_2mile_target%

;three miles
^!Set %minutes_per_3mile_target%=^$Calc(FLOOR((^%seconds_per_mile%*3)/60))$
^!If ^$StrSize("^%minutes_per_3mile_target%")$=1 ^!Set %minutes_per_3mile_target%=0^%minutes_per_3mile_target%
^!Set %seconds_per_3mile_target%=^$Calc((^%seconds_per_mile%*3)-(^%minutes_per_3mile_target%*60);1)$
^!If ^$StrSize("^%seconds_per_3mile_target%")$=3 ^!Set %seconds_per_3mile_target%=0^%seconds_per_3mile_target%

^%nl%Mile Splits to Run ^%goal_time% for 5K
^%nl%^%minutes_per_mile_target%:^%seconds_per_mile_target% - 1 Mile
^%minutes_per_2mile_target%:^%seconds_per_2mile_target% - 2 Mile
^%minutes_per_3mile_target%:^%seconds_per_3mile_target% - 3 Mile
^%goal_time%.0 - finish^%nl%

;the end

Sample output from the clip:

Mile Splits to Run 18:10 for 5K

05:50.8 - 1 Mile
11:41.6 - 2 Mile
17:32.5 - 3 Mile
18:10.0 - finish

Keyword: mile, kilometer, k, 5, split, run, even, runner, target, goal, time, minutes, seconds

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