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by Don

According to this article at NetCraft, the Comment Spammers (read slugs and bums), have become so prevalent that some ISP’s are disabling comments in Moveable Type because of load on the server. There are unique rebuild issues that make MT more prone to server drag than some other types of blog software apparently. A rapid fix is proposed.

We have typically choosen WordPress for our blogging (or sometimes poorboys free CMS — or Content Management System if you prefer — solution), comment spam has caused bandwidth drain and headaches for us as well. With the newest release of WordPress, 1.2.2 as of yesterday, spam relief is still not built in. They do in the release announcement offer several solutions. We have in fact used one of those solutions (after some improvements by us) to hopefully eliminate the issue for the time being.

We decided to use on of the image authorization scripts and that should offer us the ability to essentially un-moderate most comments that score a low link ratio. Bots that have become prevalent for posting should no longer be able to access our server for posting. Each post also resulted in an email to the moderator under typical configurations.

The main improvement we made to the script was to add a php script that dumps all of the temporary image security code png files after a very short time. The author suggested doing it via a cron job, but that seems overkill for most sites with even moderate hit counts. Plus many people don’t have the ability to set cron jobs on the host. If this is of interest to you, contact us and we would be happy to share.

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