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by Don

Within a few days after the super bowl, a site called sprang up. It purportedly featured pin-up style pictures of the actress who portrayed the godaddy girl in the Super Bowl Advertisement in various stages of undress. That site is now gone! (see adult rated google cache from 3/1/05 – so it disappeared overnight apparently as on 3/2/05 it is no more)

The site had this disclaimer:

Disclaimer This site is not affiliated with or any of its subsidiaries, It is also not affiliated with Candice Michelle, This site is intended as a parody to godaddy and its SuperBowl Commercial 2005. The owners of this site cannot be held responsible for any information contained herein. All Information gathered and placed on this site is available at various other resources on the internet. All photos contained are copyright protected by their respective owners. Contact us at msgodaddy[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com

In addition to the pictures, it featured several sponsor links and google ad bot ads. The site has disappeared. If you click on that domain name now, you get … that’s right … godaddy itself.

How did the name get transferred? According to the cached site, Godaddy purchased it.

More importantly, why isn’t the name registered with Godaddy, the proud new owner of the domain name?

Here is what whois (via Godaddy) has to say about it:
Registration Service Provided By:


Registrant Contact:
Go Daddy Software
GoDaddy Software Inc (pholland at godaddy dot com)
Fax: +1.4805058800
14455 North Hayden Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 86260

Did anyone tell Godaddy that it could renew at for just $7.95 with a one year extension of the current expiration date?

The last of this is yet to be heard I suspect as they have simply moved to a new name, exactly the same as, but sans the letter “o” (no actual link given because of the adult nature of the thing). I doubt that will fly, especially with the logo being the same with an x over the o … I suspect, no doubt with 2.4 million refunded from Fox has the wheels to take these guys out.

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