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by Don

The age old issue comes up. What should I get my wife for Christmas?

Here are some ideas:
1. Get her a couple of nice hair cuts. She is a very pretty woman, but the last thing she spends money on is herself. For a couple of years she went to a high end haircut place (at the insistance of a friend) where some guy who has boyfriends primped and polished her do. The result was usually excellent, but expensive. Now she more typically uses one of the local people and it isn’t bad, but it is also not “that”. Does giving this gift say “Honey, you don’t look good?”

2. A digital thermometer? This thing looks pretty handy. I cannot tell you how many overdone burgers I have had to be sure that the thing is absolutely, positively done. Most thermometers don’t do much for thinner things like burgers.

3. A gift certificate for a massage or two? I did this a couple of years ago and she really enjoyed it. My wife works hard. She actually has troubles sitting still (and that sometimes annoys me because it then bothers her if I do — even though I might be working on this site or something actually productive.

4. Something else that I have yet to think of?

5. A digital camera. I have a Sony Mavica, but it doesn’t seem to work well with her Windows XP computer, even though I got the newest drivers. It won’t connect via the USB cable, so you have to finalize the mini-cd every time you want to put a picture on the computer. She has started selling a few extra items on Ebay, so she might find this convenient and might enjoy having a nice camera in her purse as well.

As always, if you found something on our site helpful, we welcome donations (button at the bottom of every page) and if you donate, I might actually have enough money to get her one of these things :-).

What I really want, however, is for you to leave a comment sharing your thoughts. Please let me know if you are male or female as well. I suspect that the answers by female readers should be given a little more weight in scoring, but then again, you guys may have the pearl of wisdom I am looking for.

p.s. What got me thinking like this you might wonder? Well today is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Thanksgiving is really a great holiday in my book because you actually slow down a minute and tell people that you appreciate them. You think about what is important in your life. You assess. What the day after has become is however annoying to be honest. It is a great big shopping day when people go get deals on Christmas presents. It is the day that many people have based a personal bankruptcy on. So I almost decided to venture out to get a free computer or $199 Toshiba laptop at Circuit City. Fortunately I read the small print. Free is with a one year AOL subscription. Sorry, but that isn’t free. And of course it is $650 with $650 in rebates (tax not rebated), so if you mess up and don’t process a rebate just right … well you have probably had that experience in your life sometime along the way I imagine. Anyway, I am very thankful.

One Response to “What to Get My Wife for Christmas”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Get her the camera and the hair dooos and a massage. If she works more than you, she deserves it! Merry Christmas.

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