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by Don

I see with the release of Firefox 1.5, the address has changed. Firefox and Thunderbird have moved from to Mozilla continues to be my favorite web browser. It has only gotten better with each successive release. With the installation of Firefox version 1.5, I found that the installation/updating of extensions was really slick.

2 Responses to “Firefox Finds a New Home”

  1. charles donnelly Says:

    I don’t program
    or understand extensions except for tabs. Have 3 RSS readers, can’t get any to work.
    Have 1.7
    Do I need 1.5?

    [Hi Charles,

    RSS readers are neat. I personally use Thunderbird to follow my RSS feeds and I essentially get an email each time a story is posted to one of my followed/subscribed sites. You can do the same with Firefox as well and it will add a bookmark each time a new article comes on board.

    As regards extensions, they are small programs that enhance what Firefox will do. You click on tools/extensions/get extensions and there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from. Some are very convenient. I use three primarily — form spell checker (currently not installed as may be obvioius here??), web developer extensions (finds missing images, outlines block level elements, etc.) and bug me not (that will bypass the necessity of doing a one off sign up for some common sites). There are many others that I have used over the years. Each time you add one, it adds to the overhead of Firefox, and occaisionally one or more may create conflicts with an already installed extension, so I try not to overuse them if there isn’t a good reason for me to have it. Oh I also use the ColorZilla extension that lets me find the description of any color displayed in my browser.

    Hope that helps. If you need help with a reader, see our forum and we can certainly talk you through one RSS reader or another probably.


  2. James Says:

    We re-engineered our Easy Website Builder software to better serve FireFoxand Safari users. It is long due that these broswers get some respect from developers.

    Websites than run on our software now look as good as or better than in IE.

    All of our company computers now use FireFox as the default browser as well.

    [Hi James, I am glad to see the improvement. I still would not buy your product based on my understanding of it as I think it is overpriced. I could do the same thing by just installing WordPress it appears, and save myself $200 and not be windows server based (always a plus). Don]

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