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by Don

I recently did a makeover to two sites, and I was given the design to use for the first and used a friend to help me with the creative spark on the second one. I of course did all of the coding for both of them. I would appreciate any coding and usability comments about the sites. Are they usable? Do you experience any difficulties navigating around them or experience broken code? I don’t really need feedback on the looks of the sites as that is now set for the most part.

On that same thought process, a friend of mine over at em two design just showed me this site called that they have completed. I really like that design. I think it is probably on my top ten list of all time favorite looks. The site is interesting because it is about living a full life, with sex or celibate, in a way that is sexy. As her tag line says, “sassy, yet classy”. It isn’t the typical type of site I would visit, and yet it somehow drew me in for a read. I was disappointed that she didn’t permit comments, but I guess with a name like that she is worried what she might get back. My friend was showing me the site to show me the quality she was able to obtain on the main gif image on the site. Impressive work!

2 Responses to “Recent Sites”

  1. Reese Says:

    Thanks Don. I’m sure my client will appreciate the plug here, too 🙂

  2. Gary Says:

    Don, I like both of these sites. Probably Wardrop & Wardrop for the look and feel. I’m not a fan of Times Roman fonts used on Bowerman, Bowden and Moothart, probably because every damn thing I see at work is written in them, but it may well be appropriate for a law firm site.

    I would make 2 suggestions for Bowerman, Bowden and Moothart:

    1. The sidebar looks great on the left when my browser is resized to viewed at 800 x 600, but when viewed at anything larger and the content is centered, the sidebar moves closer to the middle and looks a little odd out there. Maybe keep the site positioned to the left?
    2. The rollovers look great, but they use JavaScript so may not be visible for all users. An alternative would be to add something like background: url(resource/blue_diamond.gif) no-repeat to your #main A:hover CSS, then everyone would be able to see the effect even if they have JavaScript turned off. That said, the rollovers are only decoration and not core functionality, so it doesn’t really matter.

    Well you did ask for suggestions for two good looking sites, so I couldn’t help but go to a fine level of detail!


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