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by Don

A C-Net article indicates Opera denies rumors of the company being aquired by Microsoft. I am not sure it would be a bad thing. If Microsoft decided to bring Opera to the masses in lieu of Internet Explorer it would improve the world. The article sure doesn’t reflect our experience however in browser market share … claiming that Firefox only has 8% of the market. We show Firefox/Mozilla at over 40% of our visitors! (See the sidebar to the right of our main page for our current statistics).

3 Responses to “Rumor said unfounded of Microsoft Aquiring Opera Browser”

  1. john graham Says:

    As a long-time Opera user, I see this rumor as a frightening development. It wouldn’t be long before Opera was as slow as the rest. I can’t imagine having to wait for pages to load, the way they do in IE, Netscape and Firefox. Leave my Opera alone!!!!

    [I feel your pain … but your loss would be the worlds gain because it would take years for them to mess it up as bad as it’s current product 🙂 ]

  2. Vinnie Says:

    This is conjecture and rumour. It was only a week ago the rumour started about Google purchasing Opera which would have more sense, but it was just that a rumour. As for Microsoft aquiring Opera there is no substance to thsi runour… having said that stranger things have happened.

    [Gee, didn’t we say rumor unfounded? But who knows what may develop over time. Don]

  3. J314 Says:

    I’m sure the 8% statistics are probably about right for Firefox market share. Just remember, the stats for your web page visitors are not exactly representative of the whole world’s internet users. The visitors to this site are likely to be tech savvy, perhaps have an IT background and are up to speed on HTML/web authoring/scripts/W3C standards. Now… 40-50% of THAT group will use Firefox because of greater standards compliance, superior browsing.. etc etc. That group however is very very different to the normal surfing public, the ones who call IE ‘the Internet’ and use it because it’s ‘on the Desktop’.

    The same goes for the (comparatively high) percentage of Linux/UNIX/BSD users…

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