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by Don

This part of the site was originally called “Random Thoughts” but Franki changed it to Random Tidbits. That is fine with me I guess, but I reserve the right to post random thoughts when I want to (of course he has an edit and a delete button — as do I — so I guess we cannot offend each other too bad *grin*) …. anyway on with the thought!

Franki and I often spend time in our chat exchanging links we are reading. Todays list thus far for example has included:
Gate’s Mugshot
Windows Updates Blog Articles
Nuclear Weapons Allegedly Found in Iraq
Franki’s latest on wonderful things … Firefox Extensions … if nothing else (like security gets you off of IE, this should)

Anyway, this is just a typical ten minutes as we go about our web business of answering emails, forum posts, editing some html or a script or whatever. As things hit us, we change gears and share random sites and thoughts. Typically, at some point (usually when I send a link to a pretty girl to Franki in his case … well maybe vise versa as well) … anyway back to where I was … at some point one or even both of us get totally off track of what we were doing in the first place and spend twenty minutes looking at something we never intended as a topic for study that day. Like a Sherlock Holmes logic solution (I remember one that went to why one side of a guys faces wasn’t shaved as well as the other etc.), we wind up truly surfing to something very interesting somewhere half-way accross the web and then having thoughts we didn’t anticipate arriving at. In fact as we speak, Franki is following up on the Iraq story.

Today what happened to me was the Bill Gates photo causes me to look at the Smoking Gun Archives (after all that explanation– here comes the actual thought). I there find this letter from Martha Stewart to her judgie wudgie (or so Martha hopes by virtue of the letter). One part of the letter struck me a bit … it was the second paragraph on page two. Like Martha (though unlike her as well in that I am sure I don’t attain her standards 🙂 ) I too fancy myself a perfectionist in many facets of my life. Perhaps like Martha I can be fairly controlling (or attempt to be) of those around me and the conditions in which I work. This is simply an effort to get the job done well. I suspect that like her, I forget to realize those around me need a pat on the back and a simple thanks for tolerating my style of working on something. So to those around me, thanks for putting up with me and I hope when you see the results (the ones that are good anyway *grin*) you find the same satisfaction from merely a job well done. To the extent that isn’t enough, as it often is for me, I add my thanks to it.

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