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by Don

I was sent to learn more about Gravity Branding today after seeing a note that they came up with the name wiFi. The idea of making one’s living by coming up with names seems intriguing to me. Much like hosting strategic planning meetings, I am sure there is more than meets the eye, and yet it seems like they make amazing amounts of money for work that is — well — not all that significant in some respects. I decided to look at a few of their case studies to learn more. I choose the Verizon Voice Wing Campaign. I was looking at that case study and a typo (at least I think it to be one — and yes I’m sure I have a typo in this article too somewhere, but I’m not making the big bucks) jumped out at me: assignement. I think it has one too many “e’s”.

screenshot from Gravity Branding containing a typoI do see the logic to a lot of the names they feature on there. It must be amazingly difficult to come up with a name that is available and satisfies the customer, so in the end I’m sure that they really do work hard. We spent at least twenty minutes coming up with our name — and perhaps it shows too. But I think I would like to work for them and see what I can contribute.

I have to say I didn’t like their site much either, so maybe I could work with their design team on a remake of that aspect of their business. It was flash type download that required a very long download time at my connect speed. It tried using pop-ups that offended my browser and well … I just didn’t like it subjectively. Some of my subjective reasons are the lack of color on the site, the greyed out tabs are much too dark on my display. I see a large empty white space in the middle of the page (I wonder if something didn’t download that was supposed to or something?).

One Response to “Gravity Branding: Interesting Work Naming Products”

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