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by Don

I use to register most of my domain names. Why, because they are reasonably priced, there is no issue as to who owns the name, and they are reasonably useable … except, it seems that their site is one of the slowest sites I visit. It takes forever to load on a dial up account (I sometimes still use dial up) and a long time to load on high speed.

It seems ironic to me that a site that, when it finally does load, boast fast/reliable hosting for your clients cannot themselves make their site sing. I am waiting as I write this for a page to load in godaddy … not yet … And it isn’t just now, it is a routine issue.

Update: Wow can be impressive. I get home and a nice lady from godaddy has called me to see what they can do to help. I did not return the call because they don’t have a 1-800 number (like most computer folks seem to have these days – that is my other big complaint about them — when something goes wrong I spend a long time on the phone on my dime), but I can suggest that they use the contact form on this site if they would like to chat further. I am impressed that you read my blog, I am even more impressed that you cared enough to call and see if we could work something out. Thank you for that.

Here are some initial suggestions:
I get the picture of Danica plenty fast. To be honest, I’ve never been into fast women, I’d actually like to get to my log in, one of the last things to appear on the page. Once I log in, it takes forever to actually get to the next page, if I even do, and when I go to manage domains, I can make a whole lunch while waiting for it to develop on dial up. On high speed, I can only make a sandwich. And … let you think I’m exaggerating … well maybe, but not by much. It is a really slow site. Send Danica out and she can watch it with me (she’s near the mid-west on occaision). I bet she’d get bored and leave before it was done.

I use CPanels, PHP myadmin, wordpress, drupal, mybb, phpbb, etc. etc. and none of them are as slow as using your main page and my domain management interface.

12 Responses to “Godaddy Itself is the Slowest Server I Use”

  1. mike Says:

    They have very impressive customer service, and that is a huge benefit. I basically had to learn on the job due to a business dispute, and the godaddy people were just great!

    The godaddy website is just a little too busy and full of nonsense. I do appreciate Danica.

  2. Bill Oelhafen Says:

    I am the Dir of IT Operations at godaddy and we are very interested in trying to help you with your current issue. Is there a time that we can schedule to call you and discuss your problem? I would like to contact you with one of my sysadmins and see if we can help.

    Bill Oelhafen

  3. Nate Says:

    Ha ha – I just put in a search for “go daddy is the slowest website in the world” and came up with this page. It does confuse me as to how they can manage to stay in business seeing as their own website is not exactly a great sales pitch.

    It is true when you say that they do have very good up-time, I have never had a good time with their customer service department though. Maybe it is just because I ask them stupid questions or something.

    Oh well, it seems that my hosting panel has finally loaded. Only 5 minutes… that was a record! I was wondering about producing a guide of “Things you can do while waiting for godaddy website pages to load…”


  4. A'waiting Says:

    Nate: “Things you can do while waiting for godaddy website pages to load…”

    Send me a copy, please.

    Godaddy has to be the slowest site on the Internet. It’s been 10 minutes since I clicked the login button and the control panel still isn’t up yet.


  5. SlowDaddy Says:

    Nate: “Things you can do while waiting for godaddy website pages to load…”

    Send me a copy, please.

    Godaddy has to be the slowest site on the Internet. It’s been 10 minutes since I clicked the login button and the control panel still isn’t up yet.


  6. site admin Says:

    I just paid for two of my domains with GoDaddy and I have to say that their site design is not always logical or laid out in a manner that promotes a smooth transaction. I agree with the speed issue also.. but it wasn’t “that bad” for me, just annoying.

    Looks like it’s all hosted on Microsoft servers using high level programming, has lots of graphic elements and has a high user load I’ll bet. Not all that surprising that it’s slow really…



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